Why DHL Express is one of the top employers

Amira Badi
Amira Badi
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Why DHL Express is one of the top employers

DHL Express is the global market leader in international express shipping. But that is not the only thing that distinguishes the world's most international company. With over 100,000 employees worldwide, DHL Express is one of the top employers and regularly receives awards for this:

DHL Express was recently voted one of the Top Employers worldwide and Great Place to Work has also recognized DHL Express as one of the second best employers worldwide and one of the top employers in Europe and Austria. DHL Express creates a safe and inclusive working environment based on the guiding principles of "respect and results".

What makes DHL Express stand out:

1. Internationality: DHL Express operates in over 220 countries and territories and offers its employees the opportunity to work in different locations and experience different cultures.

2. Employee development: DHL Express attaches great importance to the development of its employees through various training and development programs. These programs aim to improve skills, knowledge and leadership qualities. Customized onboarding and training plan.

3. Inclusive work environment: DHL Express fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees' individual backgrounds, perspectives and ideas are valued. The company strives to create an environment where everyone feels respected and included. With its inclusive corporate culture, DHl Express focuses on empowering women in management positions. Flexibility, work-life balance and equal development and promotion opportunities are among the company's unwavering principles.

4. Benefits for employees: DHL Express offers competitive compensation packages. Meal allowances via the EDENRED card, a comprehensive health program and a range of joint activities and recognition make DHL Express one of the most popular employers. In addition, employees can choose from a catalog of benefits from all areas (travel to equipment).

5. Corporate social responsibility: DHL Express is committed to sustainability and actively participates in initiatives to reduce its environmental impact (Go Green). Employees often have the opportunity to participate in these activities such as tree planting with the Austrian Federal Forests and contribute to a greener future. Together with the United Nations, DHL Express supports disaster relief operations at home and abroad with its Disaster Response Team. DHL Express has had a partnership with the Sterntalerhof children's hospice since 2010. The Sterntalerhof offers outpatient care, mobile care, inpatient care and professional counseling for seriously ill children and their families. DHL Express supports this project through fundraising campaigns: Through the proceeds of collection campaigns, up to 15,000 euros are handed over to Sterntalerhof each year. In addition, DHL Express organizes annual on-site work assignments among its employees to contribute to the renovation or maintenance of the building through various manual activities (Go Help). DHL Express also supports disadvantaged young people and teaches them the skills they need to succeed in the job market (Go Teach).

6. Career development: DHL Express promotes internal career development and offers its employees the opportunity to advance within the company. The company has programs to identify and develop talent and offers career paths in different areas and functions.

For more detailed and up-to-date information about DHL Express, click here to visit the company's official website. The latest job postings can be found here.