GoGreen Plus: Your logistic path to a greener future

Manuela Karner
Manuela Karner
DHL Express Austria Content Team
3 min read
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Our New Service: GoGreen Plus


As a leading logistics company, we drive forward sustainable solutions with full conviction. That's why we're pleased to be the first and only express service provider in the world to offer a new service that represents a significant milestone towards green logistics. Now More Than Ever is the time to focus on sustainability. At DHL, we have a huge passion for sustainability. And we don‘t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. In the logistics sector, we are at the forefront of sustainable transportation and green solutions. But we also help you and the entire industry to improve your CO2 footprint. That‘s why we are introducing GoGreen Plus: reducing CO2 emissions through more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).


It is an optional service that offers you the opportunity to effectively reduce the carbon footprint of your shipments by using sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). SAF has a carbon footprint up to 80% lower than conventional aviation fuel (kerosene). This is an “insetting” method. There is a CO2 reduction instead of compensation (“offsetting”). This service is available for air transportation.



Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is made from more environmentally friendly sources. For example, it can be derived from waste cooking oil or from forest and agricultural residues. This is then blended with traditional aviation fuel and supplied to airports and aircraft. An aircraft flying on SAF emits up to 80% less CO2 over time than an aircraft flying on traditional kerosene. Our goal? To achieve a minimum of 30% SAF fuel blend by 2030.

GoGreen Plus helps you reduce your logistics-related Scope 3 emissions: measurably, effectively and countable towards the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative).

Your benefits with GoGreen Plus

  • Implement your sustainability goals with GoGreen Plus
  • You receive an annual certificate showing the amount of CO2 reduction of your shipments. Verification is carried out by an independent certification body.
  • Use of data for your sustainability reporting (CSRD)
  • Detailed CO2 footprint reporting according to EN 16258:2012
  • Potentially EU taxonomy ready
  • Use GoGreen Plus in your external communication, whereby you talk about a scientifically recognized measure for CO2 reduction that can be communicated clearly and unambiguously (upcoming EU Green Claims Regulation).

How can you use GoGreen Plus

1. You can automatically book your shipments with a CO2 reduction target. A model tailored to your needs is offered. To do this, please contact your DHL Express contact person.

2. You can book GoGreen Plus “ad hoc” via our shipping tool MyDHL+ under “Optional Services”. A fixed CO2 reduction target of 30% is set here. The price for this is calculated and displayed directly in MyDHL+.

Sustainability is important to us

23 percent of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions arise from the transportation industry. As the world's largest logistics service provider, we therefore have a special responsibility - our group-wide environmental protection program GoGreen and our latest additional service GoGreen Plus are the expression of this responsibility. The focus is on avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions.