Up to 10% off standard published tariff when ecommerce businesses open a DHL Express account. Applicable to all rates save for third party movements that attract a 10% discount.

1. This offer is only available to applicants responding to this customer promotion who submit the online account application set out at or call on 0844 248 0675 for the Term of this Agreement, or any such further date as agreed by DHL at its sole discretion.

2. Offer available for applications from 15th October 2018 through to 31st December 2018, or any such further date as agreed by DHL at its sole discretion. 

3. Applicants who are current DHL account customers are eligible in so far as the discount shall not apply in any way whatsoever to their existing rates at the date of response to this promotion. For the avoidance of doubt, the offer shall apply only to the standard published tariff.

5. Applicants must be shipping internationally, or intending to start shipping internationally.

6. DHL’s decision is final and this offer is subject to change at any time.

7. This offer is subject to the applicant meeting DHL’s account opening criteria and accepting DHL’s service agreement terms and conditions, which need to be completed and accepted by DHL prior to the commencement of shipping with DHL on an account basis.

8. The acceptance of an applicant by DHL is purely at the discretion of DHL whose ultimate decision is final, and will always be subject to an acceptable credit check on the applicant.