Navigating Import Collections with Ease: A Comprehensive Guide to Using MYDHL+

4 min read
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Initiating an import collection with DHL is a streamlined process, made even more efficient through the user-friendly MYDHL+ platform. This article will guide you through the steps of requesting an import collection, exploring two options available on MYDHL+ and providing insights into the seamless management of your import shipment.

Requesting an Import Collection on MYDHL+

To initiate the import collection process, begin by visiting the MYDHL+ platform. Here, you can easily submit essential details such as the origin, destination, and shipment specifics. MYDHL+ offers two options for requesting a collection, and both involve mandatory steps for the shipper to dispatch the collection to a driver.

Option 1: Shipper Schedules Pick-Up Date and Time

In this option, the shipper takes the lead in scheduling the pick-up date and time. It is crucial for the shipper to complete the mandatory steps to dispatch the collection to a driver. After the shipper schedules the pick-up, the requestor sends the necessary documents from MYDHL+ to the shipper. The shipper then receives an email with instructions to finalize the collection, dispatching it to a driver. This option provides a straightforward approach, putting the shipper in control of the initial scheduling process.

Option 2: Requestor Proposes Pick-Up Date and Time

Alternatively, the requestor can take the initiative by proposing the pick-up date and time. However, it's essential to note that the shipper needs to confirm the proposed date and time for the collection to take place. When the requestor chooses this option, DHL will promptly email the shipper to confirm the details, ensuring the shipper's agreement before dispatching the driver. This collaborative approach allows the requestor to propose a convenient schedule while maintaining the shipper's involvement in the confirmation process.

Ready to Begin? Follow Our Quick Guide!

To facilitate a seamless import collection process through MYDHL+, navigate to the MYDHL+ platform. It provides an intuitive interface to submit the necessary details and choose the preferred option for requesting a collection. For a deeper understanding of the entire process, take a moment to read our quick guide, offering comprehensive insights into managing your import shipment efficiently through MYDHL+.