8 Best E-Commerce Payment Gateway Solutions

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In an increasingly modern and digital society, e-commerce spending by consumers has substantially risen over the past few years. In India itself, there are a reported 658 million active internet users in 2022 according to Statista, with an estimated 190 million annual online shoppers in 2021, a statistic that may even have risen this year. While the e-commerce trend is one that many traditional businesses are trying to expand into due to the rising numbers of global online shoppers, those looking to capture a greater market share must opt for optimised online payment gateways which allow for smooth and efficient monetary transactions.

An e-commerce payment gateway refers to an online payment service that allows the e-commerce platform to make and receive payments from other parties. The general approach to using these payment gateways involves the user filling up a form with their credit card details, allowing the e-commerce payment system to then deduct the required amount of money from the customer’s bank account and transfer it to the merchant whom they are making a purchase from. 

The responsibility of authorising and making the transaction therein lies with the payment gateway and not the e-commerce website itself. Having a fast and secure international payment gateway can thus lead to a positive consumer experience and trust in the e-commerce company itself, making the payment system a somewhat silent yet crucial partner in the entirety of the process.

But which e-commerce payment system works best for you and your business? This article provides a list of payment gateway providers that will alleviate your online e-commerce transactional issues and allow your consumers to transact smoothly and swiftly for the best shopping experience.

Best payment gateway solutions to employ in your e-commerce business

1. RazorPay

RazorPay payment gateway is a highly credible company that prides itself on its effortless integrated payment gateway system. It allows instant activation and attracts freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people in e-commerce businesses. The system allows for 100 different payment modes, invoice payments, dashboard facilities, and 24/7 support to users

However, do take note that there is a 2% charge on Indian debit and credit cards, as well as a 3% charge on Diner and Amex international cards.

2. PayU Money

PayU payment gateway is a Dutch fintech company that offers payment-based technology to e-commerce merchants. PayU is one of the most largely used systems, serving over 4000 businesses. The system allows multiple currencies to be processed, alongside a recurring bill process, website and mobile integration, and international payments.

The payment gateway charges 2% along with Goods and Services (GST) tax for each transaction made.

3. Paytm

Paytm payment gateway is one of India’s most popular payment systems for e-commerce businesses. It represents one of the only Unified Payments Interfaces (UPI) that allows for a 0% transaction fee when making UPI payments. It boasts one of the industry’s best success rates and supports all major payment sources, inclusive of both local and international bank cards.

However, despite the 0% transaction fee on UPI payments, the integrated payment system has a list of other charges that are called into effect with different transactions.

4. Bill Desk

The Bill Desk payment gateway is a government-owned payment system that simplifies transactions for its users. It comes with a free startup plan and accepts more than 120 different payment modes. The system also supports over 70 varying currencies and requires only one to two days of approval time.

While the transactional fee per use only amounts to 0.90% of the purchase, there is an 18% GST per transaction made.

5. CCAvenue

CCAvenue payment gateway is a service that prides itself upon security and digital transaction gateway services. The payment gateway is free for the first year and costs INR 1,200 per year afterwards. The system accepts 200 payment methods as well as 28 different currencies, making it one of the most versatile integrated payment systems.

The annual fee also requires a payment of transactions made on the system, namely 2% on all domestic bank cards, 4.99% from all international bank cards, 3% from all local credit cards, 4% from American Express, Amex, and Diners Club cards, and 4.99% from the variety of international currencies accepted on the system.

6. Stripe

Stripe payment gateway allows users to stay on the host website when making a transaction, a feature uncommon in most other payment gateway systems. It also comes with an option to set up subscription payments for you and your business, integrates graphs and charts for efficient data-viewing and analyses, has no refund fees, and the option to offer your e-commerce customers discounts and coupons.


HDFC payment gateway is run by one of the largest banks in India. They provide an instant settlement service as well as 100% charge-back facilities that can be beneficial for larger e-commerce organisations. Most domestic debit and credit cards are accepted, and the system can also accept transactions made in 15 different international countries.

However, the initial setup fees is INR 20,000, and the annual maintenance charges come up to INR 10,000, making it less affordable than most other payment systems on this list and more suited to bigger e-commerce businesses.


ICICI payment gateway is a system that includes several perks, such as card and checks acceptance, merchant mobile commerce solutions, and an e-commerce gateway. The system comes with a datalog of all transactions made and a report to be exported based on these payments. The annual rates are also relatively competitive.

However, the system does not provide 24/7 technical support, and there have been issues with the credit card gateway itself.

Structure your business to a more digital world

Considering all the payment gateway providers listed above for e-commerce businesses in India may take some time due to the variety of nuanced factors each system can provide. Payment gateways for websites inherently differ from one another, with each having its own positives and negatives to look out for. It is thus imperative for you to decide which payment system works best in conjunction with the type of e-commerce business you run. 

If you are running a cross-border e-commerce business or just starting out your own e-commerce company, payment gateways will definitely help make international transactions smoother and enhance your business’ credibility and perceived reliability amongst consumers. However, businesses must also make sure to follow up a smooth check-out process with effective order fulfilment. In this regard, open a business account with DHL Express today for the world’s best courier service in and beyond India, as well as access to a wealth of information and other resources on how to better grow your online business.