How to make your packaging design stand out

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Branding and packaging are essential aspects of the e-commerce and retail experience. Packaging is a basic necessity, as it keeps the contents of a product safe so that they reach customers safely and without damage. Receiving a damaged product is one of the most common reasons customers switch brands. Branding in packaging takes the experience to a different level, turning it into a tool for effective engagement. A unique product packaging design lets you achieve this.

With many competitors in the market, impressing your customers with unique packaging designs is important, as it makes them feel special and creates a first impression that resonates. According to a study in the United States conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS, 70% of customers stated that the packaging design affects their purchasing decisions.

How you design your product’s packaging represents your brand, signifying the effort you put into ensuring your customers receive a wholesome experience. Though intangible, these details can help increase customer brand awareness and trust.

Packaging design ideas

Having established the importance of uniqueness in packaging, we discuss a few ideas that may help your product stand out.

1. Customise your packaging

Adding a personal touch to your packaging designs customises the shopping experience and makes your customers feel special. And this goes beyond simply adding your brand’s logo on these shipping boxes. This may be in the form of personalised cards and handwritten notes accompanying the package. You could also introduce seasonal package designs during special occasions in India and around the world, like Diwali, Holi and Eid. You may also offer gift packaging during these festivals, which your customers will find very useful for gift-giving.

In other instances, a multilingual instruction booklet will help you cater to a diverse target audience, while trivia notes or ways to recycle the packaging can encourage greater brand engagement. These efforts increase satisfaction and interest among your customers, allowing you to build a strong relationship with them.

2. Offer what your competitors don’t

Always know what your competitors are doing with their own packaging. This may inspire ideas of your own when you brainstorm for unique packaging designs. For instance, if you can identify weaknesses in your competitors’ designs, you may correct them to attract your target audience better. For example, if you’re in the beauty industry, you may want to find out if your competitors provide samples in every purchase. Those in the clothing industry may consider offering regular gift cards to encourage repeat orders

3. Use eco-friendly packaging

Consumers today increasingly consider sustainability when making purchases, with them preferring brands that provide eco-friendly products and packaging. According to an Accenture study conducted across North America, Asia, and Europe, most consumers consider a company’s carbon footprint before purchasing their products, with close to three-quarters purchasing more eco-friendly products than five years ago. Further, a survey by Trivium Packaging, conducted with 15,000 consumers in Europe, North America and South America, revealed that 67% find it important that the products they purchase are delivered to them in recyclable packaging. Among those 44 years and below, constituting the younger demographic, 83% are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. 

Hence, using eco-friendly and renewable materials – such as corrugated card boxes, biodegradable packing peanuts, and recycled paper – to design your packages can go a long way in reflecting your pursuits towards sustainability and attracting brand loyalty.

4. “Pilot test” your design

Once you have designed your product’s unique packaging, run this design by trusted others to understand how they perceive it. This can act like a quality check: these individuals may be able to point out something you missed. And the best way to conduct a pilot test is to involve your own customers. Let them know you intend to launch a new packaging design, and that the parcel they have received are part of a survey you’re conducting to gather feedback from them. The more feedback you receive from your customers, the better you can design a package that suits their interests and needs.

5. Make safety a priority

No matter how unique your design idea may be, you’d want to ensure that the contents of your package remain safe during delivery. Your efforts will be wasted if the product gets damaged in transit. Ensure that your packaging is strong, durable, and stackable. 

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