Shipping with GoGreen Plus: KUOE GLOBAL Inc.

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We interviewed some of early adopters of GoGreen Plus, DHL’s industry-first sustainable logistics solution, to learn more about the process, objectives, and benefits of the service. KUOE Global Inc. is a Japanese watch company that sells high-quality Japan-made wristwatches "from Kyoto to the world”. Company president Mr. Kenji Uchimura shares his thoughts on GoGreen Plus.

For environmentally conscious consumers in the West

DHL: First of all, could you tell us about your business?

Mr. Uchimura, President, KUOE Global Inc (henceforth Mr. Uchimura): KUOE is a watch manufacturer specializing in antique designs and Japanese manufacturing. We offer high-quality watches at affordable prices through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, eliminating the need for middlemen. I started this business when I was studying abroad in England as a university student. During that time, I stumbled upon an antique watch in a store and instantly fell in love with it.

What motivated you to venture into the wristwatch manufacturing and sales business? There is significant competition in this industry, from well-established luxury brands to major mass-production manufacturers.

Mr. Uchimura: Antique watches hold great appeal, but they tend to be expensive, costly to maintain, and not very practical for everyday use. I strongly believe that by addressing these drawbacks, the demand for mechanical watches can still grow. The global wristwatch market is vast, and we saw an opportunity to capture a share of it by offering slightly smaller-sized watches with antique designs and high-quality Japanese craftsmanship, at affordable prices.

What environmental concerns do you have for the business?

Mr. Uchimura: After launching our business in April 2020, we initially focused on domestic sales. However, the following year, after establishing our English website, we gained recognition overseas, and our international sales started surpassing domestic sales. This raised concerns about our environmental impact due to shipping our products to customers abroad, over long distances, via air transport. While we had been making efforts to minimize packaging and utilize recycled materials, we began exploring additional measures to mitigate our environmental footprint.

What influenced your decision to choose GoGreen Plus?

Mr. Uchimura:  Many of our customers in North America and Europe are highly conscious of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and environmental protection. To conduct business successfully in these markets, we recognized the need to fulfill our corporate responsibility towards the environment. We firmly believe that despite the additional costs associated with GoGreen Plus, it is a necessary long-term investment for our future.


Being responsible is worth the price, consumers agree

As a cross-border e-commerce business, you introduced GoGreen Plus at a very early stage, is there a reason for this?

Mr. Uchimura:  As a global company, our top priority is our responsibility towards the environment. Climate measures on a global scale are crucial for companies like ours that ship goods internationally. Although we were concerned about the additional logistics costs, especially since we strive for competitive prices in the D2C market, our experience has shown that overseas consumers are willing to accept price increases if they perceive the value to be in line with the increase. We had confidence in this based on past experiences, which is why we made the decision to introduce GoGreen Plus as soon as possible.

How did you become aware of GoGreen Plus?

Mr. Uchimura: In fact, we were already a carbon offsetting service with DHL. It was Mr. Fujiwara, a DHL sales representative, who informed us about the new service, GoGreen Plus, which allows us to directly reduce emissions generated in transportation, rather than simply offsetting them.

Who made the decision to implement GoGreen Plus?

Mr. Uchimura:  I personally made the decision. I am someone who appreciates using high-quality products for an extended period, and I believe that GoGreen Plus is a valuable service that is worth the price.

Goal to be a pioneer among cross-border e-commerce companies committed to decarbonization

Can you share your commitment to further environmental measures?

Mr. Uchimura: We are actively exploring ways to incorporate sustainable products and components into our product lineup. For instance, we are considering the use of recycled materials for watch straps, in collaboration with our suppliers. Our goal is to promote sustainability throughout our operations.

What would be your recommendation for other companies regarding GoGreen Plus?

Mr. Uchimura: While some may be hesitant about the additional costs associated with environmental measures in transportation, we are in an era where such measures cannot be overlooked. I firmly believe that investing in emission reduction throughout the supply chain is a necessary long-term commitment. We would be delighted if our company could serve as a success story, paving the way for other cross-border e-commerce companies to implement GoGreen Plus.

What is your impression of DHL being the first in the industry to implement GoGreen Plus?

Mr. Uchimura:  My impression of DHL is that they demonstrate a large-scale and advanced commitment to environmental initiatives. For instance, the recent contract signed with a major fuel supplier to provide 800 million liters of SAF over the next 5 years is commendable. Many of our customers have expressed their admiration for DHL's speedy product delivery, making them a trusted logistics partner not only in terms of transportation efficiency but also in terms of environmental responsibility.

From a DHL Sales Representative

KUOE Global primarily relies on DHL Express for exporting to cross-border EC purchasers and for imports when purchasing materials. The top three countries that KUOE exports to are the U.S., France, and the U.K. In an effort to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers in the West, KUOE immediately introduced DHL's GoGreen Plus service after its launch.

GoGreen Plus is DHL's own CO2 reduction service, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The CO2 reduction benefits, including the issuance of emission reduction certificates, are highly regarded and can be obtained shortly after registration. Lately, there has been an increasing number of customers requesting specific CO2 reduction initiatives when initiating new business transactions. KUOE Global hopes that more businesses will proactively reduce their Scope 3 emissions through services like GoGreen Plus. 

DHL Japan Inc.
Field Sales Executive, West Japan
Takuya Fujiwara

Customer Profile

Company Name: KUOE GLOBAL Inc.
Established: April 2020 
Business description: KUOE is a classic watch brand from Kyoto, Japan. The company sells antique design watches made in Japan, assembled in its own workshop in Kyoto, to overseas customers on a global scale.

 Website URL: https://www.kuoe-jp.com/