Everything you need to know about last mile delivery

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Last mile delivery is a crucial part of the e-commerce and online shopping ecosystem. Last mile delivery refers to the final step of the entire delivery process, the segment of time in which your package is out for delivery from the warehouse or storage location where it was kept, and your customer is waiting for its arrival at your chosen destination. 

As it stands, last mile delivery is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the entire delivery process. This final step of the logistics process roughly adds up to more than half of the entire cost undertaken by the logistics company you intend to hire, and with consumers and businesses more inclined to look out for free and on-demand delivery, logistics companies are forced to look for last mile delivery solutions to this problem.

This article aims to explain the positives and negatives of last mile delivery and provide last mile delivery logistics solutions that DHL Express can offer to offset the negatives.

Benefits of last mile delivery

Logistics companies worldwide are committed to enhancing the last mile delivery experience for consumers, ensuring that the delivery experience as a whole ends on a high note, which could boost customer loyalty in the long run. In a logistics-driven world taken over by e-commerce and food delivery, product and price no longer matter as much as the customer experience for consumers.

A positive and efficient first and last mile delivery system is now of the utmost priority for delivery companies hoping to drive up their user experience and generate constructive brand awareness amongst their demographics. Fareye’s Last Mile Mandate survey conducted in June 2022 showed that 85% of consumers would not pick a logistics partner again due to poor last mile experience. 

Some benefits of this service include, but are not limited to, enhancing supply chain visibility, optimising delivery routes for quicker deliveries, improving logistics provider-consumer transparency, flexibility in delivery location and timing, as well as increasing profitability for the delivery partner.

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Challenges of last mile delivery

On the other hand, challenges posed can include ensuring same-day delivery, creation and execution of delivery routes, lack of a proper platform to show transparency and visibility of the delivery process, and increasing carbon emissions and environmental issues.

These issues faced are the reason why DHL Express is world-renowned in the first and last mile delivery market, as our same-day delivery services completely offset the time-based issues that crop up with last mile delivery options. Our team in New Zealand is working around the clock to ensure that you receive your parcels within 24 hours. Our facilities and suite of services help to ensure your parcels are delivered in optimal conditions.

DHL Express’ answer to your last mile delivery challenges  

As the world-leading third-party logistics provider in the industry, DHL Express has the solutions you require to make your last mile delivery experience as pleasant as possible. Our same-day delivery option completely eliminates your worries about getting your deliveries on time, whether it be for import, export, or domestic services. 

Our delivery drivers are equipped with the knowledge of the safest and quickest routes to your delivery locations, guaranteeing your parcel’s safety and timeliness in being delivered. Opening an account with us ensures constant visibility of our supply chain in bringing you your goods from the first to the last mile, and we pride ourselves on maintaining complete and constant visibility in our entire delivery process.

Options like our proactive tracking tools to answer any last mile delivery tracking problems and our online platform allow you to be aware of your parcel’s location and status at all times. 

Leave your logistics problems in our hands 

At DHL Express, we strive to help you solve all your delivery problems. We understand the need for a strong last mile delivery system, and we are happy to assist you in achieving this. Whether it be our same-day delivery system, our proactive tracking tools, our option for dedicated pickups for your parcel’s safety, or our emergency services to deal with any issues that may occur during our supply chain process, we can provide it.

As your third-party logistics provider, we aim to answer all your last-mile delivery problems promptly and with aplomb. Open an account with us today.