Top 5 New Zealand Shipping Trends of 2023

6 Mins Read
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As technology advances and global markets evolve, new trends in shipping are emerging. This is why businesses operating in New Zealand need to stay on top of the latest trends to combat rising costs, stay competitive, and meet changing customer expectations efficiently. In this article, we discuss the top five trends of 2023.

1. Increased demand for same-day and next-day shipping

With the rise of e-commerce, customers in New Zealand have come to expect their online purchases to arrive as soon as possible. Same-day and next-day shipping options have become increasingly popular as consumers want to receive their products as quickly as they can. Whether it is customers shopping for clothes, food items, or tech goods, this trend is likely to continue in 2023 and beyond. 

And as more businesses offer same-day and next-day shipping, customers will come to expect this convenience as the norm and thus will continue to demand fast shipping options. Businesses that are not able to offer such options will struggle to compete in the e-commerce market.

2. Expected increase of exports to Australia, North America, and Europe

New Zealand businesses looking to expand their reach and tap into new global markets can consider Australia, North America, and Europe markets. As these regions are known for their large consumer bases and high purchasing power, they are seen as attractive destinations for New Zealand businesses looking to grow their export sales.

To capitalise on this trend, businesses in New Zealand need to be prepared to handle the hike in shipping volume and logistics that come with exporting. This includes understanding the various national customs regulations, export documentation, tariffs and taxes of the target market, as well as the shipping and delivery requirements of each country. Kiwi exporters also need to consider the logistics of getting their products to the new market, including costs, transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

3. Shipping as a way to reach new customers

Shipping - especially for cross-border international shipping, has established itself as a key marketing tool for businesses in this new year as they look for novel ways to reach global customers beyond their domestic markets. By leveraging shipping and extending flexible return policies to international markets, businesses employing the use of drop shipping can tap into new customer bases and increase their sales.

However, businesses need to be mindful of the potential risks associated with international shipping, such as customs and transit delays. Hence it is essential that businesses seeking to capitalise on this trend must have an in-depth understanding of the regulations, taxes, and customs requirements of the target overseas market.

4. Increased consumer awareness on carbon footprint and demand for eco-friendly shipping options

Consumers in 2023 are also becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact, and this is a trend that is not expected to change overnight. In fact, this is likely to reach greater heights as green consumers in New Zealand are now buying with the intent of ensuring that their shipping choices align with their values of not contributing to environmental degradation. With this in mind, businesses need to be aware of their environmental footprint and consider offering eco-friendly shipping options for their customers. 

5. Rise in new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence

Besides transforming the retail industry with blockchain, global businesses in New Zealand are also starting to adopt the same new technologies to streamline their shipping processes and improve the standards of customer experience. The trend of using blockchain technology in logistics and supply chain management allows for better tracking of goods and more transparency in the shipping process. It also enables businesses to share information with customers in real-time, providing them with more immediate and intuitive customer service. AI, on the other hand, is being used to automate routine and manual tasks related to shipping. This includes order processing, freight management, and shipment optimisation. With AI, businesses can provide their customers with more accurate shipping estimates, reduce their operating costs, and offer more competitive price points.

By utilising blockchain technology and AI, businesses can focus on creating a secure system for managing and tracking the flow of goods throughout the supply chain. This can result in improved efficiency, swiftly reduced costs, and greater visibility for all parties involved in the supply chain.

How can DHL Express help?

As a trustworthy logistics service provider, DHL Express is well-equipped to help businesses meet these demands.

1. Reliable and quick delivery services

Presenting an extensive array of logistics solutions, including same-day and next-day delivery options, DHL Express aids businesses in delivering their customers' orders quickly and securely. Furthermore, in order to facilitate smooth last-mile deliveries, DHL Express also provides other services, such as DHL pack stations, to ensure convenience and ease of customers receiving deliveries. Ultimately, when your business has a good and reliable logistics partner to rely on, you can expect to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

2. Extensive knowledge of international shipping requirements

DHL Express can assist businesses in navigating the complexities of exporting and shipping on a global level. Our capable team of experts is effective in providing businesses with the support needed to successfully ship products internationally. From guides on international shipping requirements to information on the trends and regulations of different markets or costs of customs clearance, DHL Express is a library of information ready for your use.

Additionally, DHL Express offers a wide range of shipping options, including air, sea, and road transportation here in New Zealand, we ensure that your products reach the target markets in the most timely and cost-effective manner. 

3. Eco-friendly shipping options

DHL Express recognises the importance of eco-friendly shipping and the urgency for a carbon-neutral future. As a responsible global organisation, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through various environmentally sustainable implementations. Our goal is to minimise the carbon footprint of our operations and offer our customers sustainable shipping options. We continuously invest in new technologies that help us reduce our environmental footprint and provide a range of eco-friendly services. Some examples include carbon-neutral shipping, which offsets emissions, as well as the use of electric vehicles for local deliveries as they are known to be less environmentally taxing – all without compromising on costs or delivery time.

4. Advanced technology

DHL Express is at the forefront of technological advancements in logistics and shipping solutions and continuously strives to offer our business partners the latest available technology. We have already implemented blockchain technology to improve the tracking of goods and this provides our customers real-time information of their shipments. Additionally, we are also currently using AI to optimise our supply chain and enhance customer experience.

Explore new opportunities with support from DHL Express 

Ultimately, these new shipping trends in 2023 exemplify the ever-changing needs of customers. Simultaneously, they exist as great opportunities for businesses to explore new ways to improve.

With the right technology, effective logistics solutions, and comprehensive support from DHL Express here in New Zealand, you can gain a unique advantage over your competitors by providing your local and international customers with unmatched service. Make the better choice today and bring your business to new heights by taking advantage of our strengths, whether it be our shipping experience and knowledge, innovative logistics solutions, eco-friendly delivery processes, or cutting-edge technology. 

Open a business account with DHL Express today for a transformative change in logistics management that will keep you ahead of your competition in 2023 and beyond.