Reaching Gen Zs with the right marketing strategy

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Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to a group of people that are born from 1997 to 2012 and have been heavily influenced by the advent of the internet and social media, unlike previous generations such as the baby boomers or the millennials. Gen Zs are a unique group of individuals, and businesses need to find the right marketing strategy to reach them. Many members of this generation have already started making their mark in the world, and they will only continue to grow and make an impact in the years to come. It's important for businesses to understand what makes Gen Zs tick and how they can best reach this influential group. Reaching this population will require a different approach than what has been used in the past. Here are some tips for marketing to Gen Zs.

Marketing strategies to implement when advertising to Gen Z

1. Ensure mobile optimisation to appeal to the digital natives

Gen Zs have been using smartphones since they were young. Since Generation Z is constantly scrolling through their phones and your search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings will suffer if your site is not optimised for mobile SEO, provide content made for the mobile experience. Also, speed and time are of the essence for Gen Zs, so reducing your website loading time is key. Consequently, ensuring your business has invested in the mobile optimisation of your site and publishes mobile-friendly content is a key marketing strategy to appeal to Gen Zs.

2. Produce bite-sized content

Generation Z lives on social media, and it affects what they buy. Brands that want to connect with young consumers have to shift away from traditional marketing platforms such as television or print media. Instead, businesses should build a strong following on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and YouTube in order to attract their attention. With Gen Zs’ dwindling attention span and habit of jumping between various apps and social channels, brands should focus on telling bite-size stories. Snapchat & Instagram’s stories features, TikTok videos and YouTube shorts are perfect social media channels to capture and convert younger audiences who want quick, interesting content.

3. Benefit from influencer marketing

With social media being a big part of most millennials’ and Gen Zs’ lives, platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are often used by businesses to attract these generations. Research by Morning Consult has shown that two-thirds of Gen Zs follow influencers, 50% trust their recommendations, and 44% of them make a purchasing decision recommended by an influencer. Considering the sway that influencers have over their buying decisions, influencer marketing would be an effective tool for businesses to connect with and target the Gen Z audience.

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4. Be committed to diversity in your marketing efforts

Diverse representation is important to Gen Z, with 62% of them valuing the authentic representation of diverse and minority identities in media. In addition, 53% of Gen Zs reported how they discontinued buying from brands because they disapproved of the way the business handled diversity in their advertising. For companies, it is essential to make sure that your marketing content includes a diverse range of people from different racial backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, body types, abilities, and cultures. Beyond merely featuring them for the sake of diversity, be deliberate in featuring their stories and experiences because Gen Zs will resonate with brands that go the extra mile in inclusivity.

5. Connect with Gen Z by featuring your brand’s social responsibility efforts

Appealing to Gen Z means speaking to their interests, which are often focused on social responsibility. This generation is willing to fight for their beliefs, and that includes the brands they support. US consumer attitudes on sustainable shopping reported by First Insight and the Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania revealed that Gen Z were most concerned about sustainability when making purchase decisions. This indicates that it is vital for them to buy from brands that protect and preserve the environment. Businesses can capture Gen Z's attention by having a brand mission and content marketing strategy that aligns with their values of being socially responsible consumers.

Bonus tip: choose a delivery partner aligned with their values

As a business, it is important to keep up with the latest marketing trends and understand what makes different generations tick. Gen Zs are unique in that they grew up with technology at their fingertips and are always looking for ways to make things more efficient. At DHL Express, we understand the importance of speed, efficiency and convenience for this generation. That’s why we work closely with our customers to provide time-sensitive deliveries that meet their needs. Committed to being a sustainable leader, DHL Express also offers green logistics options through DHL GoGreen Logistics to do our part in preserving the environment. Partnering with DHL Express can help you reach this generation and tap into their values of speed, convenience & social responsibility. Open a DHL Express business account now.