View a breakdown that provides detailed information about each checkpoint your shipment passes through during its journey, including individual time codes for each stage.

There are two ways to track your shipments on MyDHL+:

Using Your Waybill Number

Track up to 10 shipments at once using the waybill number of each shipment.

Track by Waybill Number

Using Your Reference Number

Choose the shipment type and enter the reference number to find your shipment.

Track by Reference Number

Use DHL ProView™ to monitor the statuses of your shipments using individual PIN(s) for your account number(s). Simply log in to MyDHL+, click on "Track", then "Monitoring and Notifications" to start the setup process.

Proview Setting Up Guide Visit MyDHL+

eSecure is our advanced security feature preventing unauthorised use of your DHL Express account.

  • Manage who can use your DHL Express account by whitelisting their email addresses.
  • Approve or reject new user requests.
  • Manage your users and view usage histories.
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