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Advice for MyDHL+, packing, documentation customs clearance, and our official contact details.

International Shipping FAQs

Answers to all your frequently asked questions about interational shipping, customs, duties and taxes, shipment documents as well as import, export rules and regulations for different countries.

General FAQs about DHL Express

DHL Express does not serve the following countries:
  • Ascension
  • Bovet Island
  • Indian Ocean Territory
  • French Southern Territories
  • Heard & Mcdonald Islands
  • Pitcairn
  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  • Tajikistan
  • Tristan Da Cunha
  • US Minor Outlying Islands (Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Island)
  • Western Sahara

Shipments cannot be delivered to PO boxes. Shipments are delivered to the receiver’s address given by the shipper with a recipient's name.

By dimensional weight or actual weight of the shipment, whichever is higher.
DHL Express will measure the dimensional weight and compare this with the actual weight of your shipment and select the higher of the two to use as the final weight calculation.
To learn how dimensional weight is calculated, check out this guide

You can visit your nearest DHL Express Service Point here.

Your contact information will only be used to connect you to the right DHL personnel. Your data is always kept private and is not shared for third-party use.

For 24/7 shipment queries, you can contact DHL Express at:
Facebook 24/7 Live Chat
Twitter 24/7 Live Chat
WhatsApp: +60 16-299 4433

For in-person assistance, you can visit DHL Express outlets

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