A guide to Pakistan’s main exports

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With a nexus rooted deeply within the tapestry of its economy, the business of exports stands as a cornerstone in Pakistan’s financial and economic panorama. Bridging continental markets, Pakistan’s export items, ranging from rich textiles to meticulously crafted surgical instruments, not only bolster its economic stability but also carve its niche in the global market. Integral to this is a robust and comprehensive logistical framework which can seamlessly integrate the export goods of Pakistan into the global marketplace. 

Pakistan’s most important exports

The profundity of Pakistan’s export portfolio is built upon a melange of products that find resonance in international markets. Here’s a deeper look into some of the critical export elements:

  • Textiles and apparel: The intricate patterns and durable fabrics spun by Pakistan's textile industry are wrapped around a staggering 60% of the nation’s total exports. The diverse offerings, from garments to home textiles, find their way into international wardrobes, particularly in the United States, the European Union, and China.
  • Leather and footwear: Amidst varied trends in Pakistan's export landscape, the leather industry navigates through some challenges, evidenced by a 6.08% decline in leather exports in the first ten months of the current fiscal year. Contrarily, the footwear sector exhibits robust performance, recording a 38.49% increase in exports from July 2022 to April 2023, with leather shoes constituting approximately 79% of these exports.
  • Carpets and floor-covering textiles: 2022 marked a positive uptick for Pakistan's carpet and floor-covering textile exports, as they increased by 20% to reverse a seven-year decline and continue the growth trend initiated with a notable 45% boost in 2021. The United States emerged as the principal destination, absorbing 46% of the carpet exports — six times the volume exported to the second major destination, Germany. The United Kingdom held the third spot, importing 4.6% of the exports.
  • Agriculture (rice and cotton): As the world’s fourth-largest exporter of rice and a pivotal supplier of cotton, Pakistan plays a significant role in the global agricultural market, with its products being particularly favoured in regions such as China, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan. The Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan acts as a vital intermediary, protecting the interests of its members and providing a conduit for governmental and international communication and collaboration.
  • Fruits and vegetables: The fertile lands of Pakistan generously offer a plethora of fruits and vegetables, with famed mangoes and onions notably delighting palates in the Middle East and Europe. Additionally, Pakistan is also a major exporter of corn and wheat, commodities that cement its stance in global agricultural trading.
  • Salt: With salt reserves touted to be over 2 billion tonnes, Pakistan emerges as a significant producer and exporter of salt, standing as the world's twelfth largest in this sector in 2021. Catering to over 50 countries, its salt finds myriad uses across various industries, such as food processing, animal feed, and water treatment in regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and China.
  • Fish and fish preparations: Experiencing a surge in its fish and fish preparation exports — which hit US$431 million in 2022, showcasing a 4% hike from the preceding year — Pakistan has positioned itself as a key global player in the industry. Offering a broad spectrum from fresh fish to frozen fish fillets, Pakistan’s aquatic exports enjoy notable demand in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Global demand: An enduring affinity for Pakistani products

Countries like the United States, China, and various nations within the European Union harbour a sustained demand for Pakistan's myriad export offerings. The major export products of Pakistan find substantial market spaces all over the world, enabling Pakistani businesses to etch their footprint in the expansive terrains of international commerce. 

Logistics and shipping: The backbone of prosperous exports

The journey from local manufacturing to running an international business is punctuated with critical logistical milestones, where precise shipping documentation and a comprehensive understanding of customs duties and taxes emerge as paramount. Ensuring that the export products transcend boundaries seamlessly is a challenge that necessitates collaboration with a reliable, experienced, and global shipping partner.

Simplify the complexity of export logistics with DHL Express

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