How to make your product packaging stand out: Tips to success

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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, packaging transcends its traditional role of protection to become an integral part of brand image and customer experience. Particularly true in thriving digital marketplaces like Pakistan, with approximately 83 million active internet users, smart and effective packaging decisions can notably shape customer perception and loyalty.

Trivium Packaging’s 2022 Global Buying Green Report reveals the contemporary consumer's mindset, stating that 86% of young consumers aged below 45 are willing to pay more for products packaged in environmentally friendly materials. This demonstrates the growing significance of sustainability in the consumer's buying decision process. In parallel, another compelling trend is the demand for personalisation in packaging. 

Packaging in today's e-commerce landscape is an influential brand ambassador. It expresses your brand identity, leaves an indelible imprint on the customer experience, and substantiates your environmental stance. But the art of packaging goes further. 

In the following section, we delve into the transformative power of design. We highlight how it can elevate product perception, narrate your brand's journey beginning with the customer’s engagement on an e-commerce platform or your website, and foster consumer connections.

The power of well-designed packaging

First impressions are pivotal when it comes to customer relations, and more often than not, it's the product’s packaging that creates this first interaction. A well-executed packaging design does more than merely draw the eye. It seizes the imagination, creates an emotional connection, and lays the foundation for a lasting relationship between your brand and the customer. 

The narrative encapsulated within custom packaging boxes, such as your brand's logo, design elements, and colours, plays a vital role in enhancing brand recognition and recall. Case in point, Casio. The Japanese digital watch manufacturer’s Master of G and MR-G series of watches come in very sleek and stylish-looking boxes as opposed to the usual hexagonal tin containers that their entry-level range of watches are packaged in.

Smart strategies for revamping your packaging

So, what are some of the essential steps for revamping your product packaging design? Here's a list of tips to help you get started:

1. Choose personalised packaging

Customising your product packaging design can give your brand an edge in a competitive market. Displaying your brand's logo and incorporating brand colours on custom boxes can boost brand recall. Adding a personal touch, such as a handwritten thank-you note or multilingual instructions, can enhance the unboxing experience and deepen customer loyalty. Leica has done this brilliantly, as it did a re-release of its iconic M6 camera in a super stylish case with a printed logo that is a homage to its original. India’s French Crown, an apparel brand, adds a handwritten note to thank customers for their orders, accompanied with a coupon code offering discounts on their next purchase.

2. Prioritise product protection

A visually appealing package can draw customers in, but ensuring product protection is what earns their trust. Incorporating protective elements, such as bubble wrap or air pillows, can shield delicate items during transit, ensuring that your products reach customers in pristine condition. Take for example, Sharp’s refrigerators. The Japanese brand is exemplary in its commitment to protection, with their refrigerators being delivered in durable cartons that have a vibration resistance of 5 to 50 Hz and a successful drop test performance of 20 to 30 centimetres. 

3. Adopt sustainable packaging solutions

The global consumer trend is veering towards sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. Using eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable packaging peanuts and compostable packaging made from recycled cardboard or paper, showcases your brand as a responsible business. This shift towards sustainability resonates with environmentally conscious consumers and can amplify your brand's reputation. A sterling example of this would be Puma’s Clever Little Bag, a well-designed shoe box which doubles as a bag. This eliminates the need to get a bag when purchasing a pair of shoes. 

4. Innovate with shapes

Boxes don't always need to be square or rectangular. Innovative shapes can make your product packaging visually exciting and instantly recognisable. A uniquely shaped package such as Casio’s hexagon tin containers stand out amidst a plethora of conventional packages and attract customer attention.

5. Enhance functionality

Designing practical, reusable packaging can augment perceived value and extend the life of your product packaging. A package that transforms into a usable item, such as a storage box, can enhance user experience and create a lasting impression. One famous example would be the highly recognisable Royal Dansk butter cookies, with its tin being used by many households to store items such as sewing kits and office supplies.

Elevate your brand with superior product packaging

Distinctive product packaging can boost your brand awareness, foster customer loyalty, and potentially stimulate word-of-mouth marketing. However, the journey to a successful packaging strategy isn't solely about design. It's equally important to ensure that your carefully curated packaging reaches your local and overseas customers intact and on schedule, delivering a first-class brand experience.

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