DHL Express Logistics & Delivery Service for the Aviation Industry

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When it comes to the fast-paced and high-stakes world of the aviation industry, the efficient and safe transport of aircraft parts, from engines to wings, fuselage to fairings, is a must. This necessitates a reliable logistics partner capable of handling the complex shipping challenges of the sector. DHL Express stands out as the leader in providing logistics in the aviation industry, catering to the specific needs of aerospace logistics and shipping aircraft parts with speed, reliability, and priority handling.

Our specialised aviation delivery service is perfect for businesses within the aviation sector, whether it is aircraft maintenance facilities needing quick delivery of aircraft engine parts, or manufacturers shipping aircraft components to clients. DHL Express caters to a vast array of specific trade lanes within the aviation industry.

We ensure the safe and timely delivery of airplane parts, helicopter parts, and a variety of aerospace equipment. We comprehend the challenges and specifics of ground handling, Aircraft on Ground (AOG) logistics, and managing Unit Load Device (ULD) procedures. With our extensive experience, we ensure compliance with all regional, local, and IATA regulations.

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We are dedicated to delivering bespoke aviation logistics solutions that can efficiently handle the movement of various parts of an aircraft. 

Swift and reliable service

Experience quick and reliable shipping of airplane parts, aircraft fuselage, aircraft fairing, and more with our round-the-clock service.

Easy booking

We make plane shipping and aircraft parts supply seamless through the DHL Express Logistics Platform (ELP), backed by our responsive customer service team.

Compliance guaranteed

Relax knowing that we adhere to all aviation industry compliance requirements during shipping and delivery of your aerospace equipment and parts.

Real-time shipment tracking

Monitor your aviation shipments from start to end, with our 24/7/365 real-time shipment tracking feature.

Engage our services to get the best of aviation industry logistics solutions. Prior to commencing the service, DHL Express will evaluate your business premises to ensure compliance with the industry's safety and regulatory requirements.


With our robust understanding of the complexities in the aviation industry, we can expertly address shipping challenges and offer efficient strategies that meet your unique needs. This is supported by our comprehensive network of aircraft parts suppliers and broad service capabilities, positioning us as a leader in the sector. We leverage our strength and expertise to provide superior solutions for the delivery and shipping of aviation parts and services.

This makes us an optimal choice for any overseas shipping to and from Singapore or any other destination worldwide. Our shipping portfolio includes a wide array of items such as: 

  • Spare parts
  • Fans, compressors, and turbine blades
  • Rotating components 
  • Control units
  • Actuators
  • Specialised tooling
  • Flight control systems
  • Harnesses
  • Electronic components
  • Ground support equipment
  • Small aircraft engines

Once your account is approved, we will tailor a comprehensive logistics solution to suit your needs. We understand the need for prioritised handling of sensitive components such as those listed above as well as airplane wings, engines, and other aircraft parts.


Ensuring swift delivery of necessary components to address Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations and facilitating the transportation of heavy shipments within a brief time frame are crucial elements in aviation logistics. It's also vital to provide time-sensitive parts promptly to meet the stringent turnaround times of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) shops.

DHL Express’ primary services are designed to effectively address these logistical demands, ensuring swift and efficient deliveries, regardless of the shipment size or urgency. 



Our Aircross services facilitates the shipment of aviation parts between any two countries, with all fees invoiced locally.



This service is designed for the transportation of aviation components to remote areas that might not be reached by standard shipping methods.



When time is of the essence and aviation parts need to be delivered urgently, same day delivery ensures the swiftest possible delivery.


Green shipping

Green shipping

DHL Express provides a variety of eco-friendly delivery options. Through our innovative GoGreen Plus service, you're able to cut down on the carbon emissions related to your shipment by making an investment in Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Robust, efficient, and reliable shipping solutions

Robust, efficient, and reliable shipping solutions

DHL Express offers comprehensive and dependable shipping solutions, ensuring your deliveries are made swiftly and securely.

Vast client base

Vast client base

DHL Express has served as a trusted partner for original manufacturers, leading airframers, engine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), airframers, and secondary suppliers. With a wide range of clients across various industries, DHL Express has a broad and diverse experience in handling distinct shipping requirements.

Trust from global industry giants

Trust from global industry giants

Thanks to its proven track record in managing critical shipments, DHL Express has earned the trust of major industry players around the globe.


The aviation industry's logistics is primarily centred around two key trade lanes: the United States (US) and Europe. These regions, both on an outbound and inbound basis, serve as the main hubs for aviation-related shipments. The prominence of the US and Europe in this sector can be attributed to their advanced aviation industries, which include several of the world's leading original equipment manufacturers, airframers, and secondary suppliers.

Although DHL Express caters to a global market, a significant proportion of shipments for the aviation industry are destined for or originate from the US and Europe. This focus aligns with the geographical concentration of major players in the aviation industry and the high demand for logistics services in these regions.


Shipping aircraft parts requires meticulous care, expert handling, and specialised packaging. Depending on the size and fragility of the part, it can be packaged in custom crates or loaded onto specialised equipment. Smaller parts may be packed into ULDs. At DHL Express, we handle this process end-to-end, ensuring each part from airplane wings to aircraft engine parts are safely and efficiently transported to their destination.

Shipping an aircraft engine is a complex task that requires special attention. The engine must be secured in a custom-built stand that supports its weight and structure, and then it is typically loaded into a cargo plane using specialised loading equipment. Throughout this process, we ensure that all handling and transportation procedures strictly comply with international aviation regulations.

DHL Express can ship small engines with a maximum weight of 1,000 kg per piece and maximum dimensions of 300cm x 200xm x 160cm.

Our team will guide you through the process of shipping spare parts internationally, ensuring full compliance with industry-specific import and export regulations. We manage everything from pick-up to delivery, providing end-to-end support.

To experience unparalleled aviation logistics service and an impressive global reach, partner with DHL Express. We make shipping aircraft parts, managing AOG logistics, and addressing aviation industry challenges our priority. Take flight with us.