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Same Day Delivery

Shipping with DHL

Same Day Delivery

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, our Same Day service helps to expedite your most urgent time-critical shipments. With a seamless process, industry experts and dedicated resources, Same Day guarantees an unparalleled service with flexible collection timings and the earliest possible delivery. Upon subscription to our Same Day courier service, you will also get real-time updates on the status of your shipment until delivery is complete so you needn’t worry about disruptions.


Pick-Up Within an Hour
Pick-Up Within
An Hour
Proactive Notifications
Seamless Operational Process
Seamless Operational
Next Best Flight Out
Next Best
Flight Out
Dedicated Courier Service
Dedicated Courier
Expedited Delivery
Expedited Delivery


DHL Jetline services prioritise the shipment on the next flight out of the country, customs clear it prior to arrival, and then expedite it further for last-mile delivery ensuring the fastest possible shipping transit for your packages. Enjoy peace of mind when you opt for DHL Express’ Same Day delivery services as the shipment is also closely monitored at every step of the door-to-door movement. This allows us to anticipate potential delays, all to give you a fast, superior, and hassle-free shipping experience.


For your more high-valued shipments, DHL Secureline offers international transportation on the same day by a dedicated charter service, offering an additional layer of security for your cargo. Smaller shipments will be entrusted to a dedicated on-board courier.


Take assurance in the fact that our Same Day courier service has got your back during unforeseen circumstances or for mission-critical emergencies. We understand that there might be instances where a shipment is of monumental importance, such as planning a party, keeping your inventories replenished, or delivering medicines and other clinical products – all of which demand the utmost care and attention. Hence, whether you choose same day delivery, next day, or overnight delivery, our express delivery services in Singapore endeavour to meet your shipping needs, even on a Sunday, upon request.

Our Same Day courier service was initiated to address your most challenging requirements, in the simplest way. Let us take care of your local and international shipments. Whether you are looking to satisfy your customers’ demands, close gaps in sales and service, or increase sales, rely on DHL Express for your business needs. With standardised procedures in place, end-to-end visibility, and an all-rounded integrated network to minimise time and costs of liaising with multiple vendors, we strive to deliver whilst reducing operating costs. The result? A better experience for your customers, improved responsiveness, and a clear competitive advantage for your business. 

We know how shipping can sometimes be a complex and stressful experience, hence, you can also register for MyDHL+, an all-in-one shipping hub to make it easier for you to find out quotes, manage your same day deliveries, and track your paperwork – everything you need for a seamless and efficient shipping journey. 

Find out how Same Day express delivery by DHL Express can benefit your business by contacting our specialists today!

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