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Document courier services are particularly important for both individuals and businesses as they provide a secure and reliable way to send important documents and packages internationally. For businesses, this can mean the difference between closing a deal or losing out on a valuable opportunity. For individuals, it can mean the difference between obtaining a visa or missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

At DHL Express, we understand the importance of delivering documents in and outside of Singapore securely and reliably. With a commitment to speed and reliability, our document courier services ensure that your important items will reach their destination seamlessly.


How DHL Express Can Help you with your clinical trial logistics?

Our DHL Express document courier service is a reliable and secure way to send important and time-sensitive documents and packages internationally.

Express Delivery

We offer a reliable and efficient express delivery service for documents within 1 to 3 working days, depending on the destination. Our global network of locations and partnerships allows for quick and easy delivery of your important documents, such as legal papers, financial statements, passports, and more, to destinations all over the world. Additionally, our document courier services offer tracking and real-time updates on the status of your shipment so that you can stay informed throughout the entire delivery process.

Door-to-Door Service

Our pick-up and delivery service ensure a smooth process from the sender to the recipient. Our experienced logistics personnel will come to your location to pick up your package and deliver it directly to the recipient's door for a streamlined shipping experience.

Online Tracking

Customers can easily track their package and stay informed on the status of their delivery at any point in the shipping process. With our online tracking service, get access to real-time information on their shipment, including its current location and expected delivery date. This feature allows you to have complete visibility throughout the shipping process and the ability to plan accordingly for your package's arrival.


Our optional insurance coverage provides financial protection for the value of your package, giving you peace of mind that your valuable documents are safe during transportation. You can choose to add insurance when you ship your package, and can also determine the level of coverage that best suits your needs.

Not sure if this service is for you? Learn the difference between document and non-document shipping.


Pick-Up Within an Hour
Pick-Up Within
An Hour
Proactive Notifications
Seamless Operational Process
Seamless Operational
Next Best Flight Out
Next Best
Flight Out
Dedicated Courier Service
Dedicated Courier
Expedited Delivery
Expedited Delivery
  • Real-Time Updates

  • Efficient Operational Process

  • Insurance Protection

  • 24/7 Customer Service

  • Custom Portal (MyDHL+)

  • Pre-Clearance

At DHL Express, we utilise a global network of logistics experts, real-time tracking, and customs clearance services to get your documents to where it is supposed to be efficiently and problem-free. Our team will work with you to ensure that your documents reach their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Choose from a range of popular services such as same-day document delivery and even reduce your carbon footprint with GoGreen Plus. Discover other optional courier related services now.

We ship to over 220 countries and territories worldwide, which means we got you covered for international document delivery to a country of choice.

Frequently asked questions about shipping documents internationally

A document delivery service is basically a specialised shipping service that transports documents, such as legal papers, certificates, and contracts, from one location to another. DHL Express offers a reliable document courier service with a wide range of optional add-ons. For urgent shipments, opt for same-day delivery. Or choose any of our time-definite delivery services instead. Whatever services you decide upon, DHL Express will ensure that your documents are delivered securely. Start by creating a shipment today.

Yes, this is what our document courier service is all about. All you need to do is to set up a MyDHL+ account, follow the instructions, and start shipping. Enjoy a wide selection of shipping solutions – from weekend delivery to helping you with international customs clearance.

DHL Express offers a comprehensive catalogue of international courier services, such as:

  • Global and regional same-day delivery
  • Door-to-door pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Next business day delivery
  • Customs preparation
  • Shipment handling
  • Parcel packaging

Get your time-sensitive documents shipped from Singapore today by registering for a business account now.