Neutral Delivery Service (NDS) : Hiding The Value Of Your Shipment from Your Receiver

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Neutral Delivery (NDS) is an optional service offered by DHL Express for DHL account holders. Customers who desire to keep the value of their goods hidden from the receiver can benefit from using this service.

What is Neutral Delivery Service (NDS)?

DHL Express’ Neutral Delivery Service (NDS) works by providing shippers with the option of keeping the shipment's declared value confidential from the end receiver.

Through this optional service, the delivery facility ensures any documentation that might reveal the value of the goods has been removed from the shipment prior to the delivery.

Currently, NDS is available for all customers with a valid DHL shipping account and does not require a shipping agreement.

Optional Service How We Charge Cost
Neutral Delivery Service Per shipment SGD 30.00

If you wish to book this service or to learn more about it, you can do so via our Customer Service or you can also reach out to your account manager.