Top Selling Products Online Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak in Singapore

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The COVID-19 outbreak has had devastating effects on the global economy. Non-essential businesses are temporarily closing and people are given stay-home notices by the government. This results in a surge in popularity for online shopping and food deliveries. Customers are flocking to e-commerce sites instead of brick-and-mortar shops or ordering food via apps instead of sitting in restaurants.

Looking beyond the negative pretext of how our situation has changed, companies are given the opportunity to re-vamp their businesses and look for alternative ways to manage the disruptions to remain relevant to the demand. While this is subjective from industry to industry, there are certain products and industries that are thriving amidst the Coronavirus


Naturally, people are focusing more on their own hygiene and personal cleanliness. Products like disposable gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, and anti-bacterial soap are amongst the most purchased items in the month of March 2020 according to Time. In some countries, some healthcare products like masks are deemed compulsory, when venturing out of your homes. Many companies that have temporarily ceased operations have dedicated themselves to manufacturing items in this category to ensure sufficient supply.

Needless to say, clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients or victims of the outbreak, making them one of, if not the most essential service at the moment. It is no surprise that healthcare is at the top of our list.


People are staying home and besides ordering from food delivery services, cooking has gained tremendous popularity. With additional free time and the revival of culinary passions, people are investing in kitchenware and various food-related appliances along with increased demand for perishables as customers ramp up on their supplies. Bread, pasta, and coffee machines, along with bakeware supplies are some examples that have shown great increments during this time.


With heightened restrictions on the stay-home requirements, Singaporeans are working from home to help with the circuit breaker. Prior to the outbreak, working-class citizens would almost never have the opportunity to work from home, having to commute daily to their offices. Now that online meetings and webinars are becoming the norm, web cameras and microphones are becoming more essential. Products like computer chairs, keyboards, and monitors are being purchased online to help create a more conducive environment for day-to-day tasks.


Working out outdoors now faces more restrictions as we aim to avoid interaction as much as possible. Home-installed bars, yoga mats, and dumbbells are some examples of exercise equipment seeing a blooming growth. Whether or not people want to maintain their fitness or to take this opportunity to increase their physical wellbeing, fitness-related products are selling.


Craft-related supplies is a general consensus that with more free time on our hands, people are simply getting bored. We’d want to exercise our creativity or try something that we’ve always intended to but never had the time. Craft kits, art paint, toy clay, and colouring books are some products that are observing a surge during these times.

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