How to handle heavy goods shipping with DHL Express

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Shipping heavy items, large packages, and oversized parcels can be daunting, especially for B2B businesses in Thailand that frequently deal with large shipment volumes. In such cases, companies can opt for heavyweight shipment services. However, such dedicated services may come with additional costs or lack flexibility in their delivery terms.

This blog will discuss common issues businesses face when shipping heavyweight items across the border and how DHL Express addresses these obstacles while still offering affordable and versatile express delivery services.

Common considerations regarding heavyweight shipments

B2B businesses must first consider how heavy their shipments are and whether they might be too heavy for express shipping. 

While different carriers have different weight limits, a common weight limit for many companies is up to 1,000 kilograms. Beyond this weight, businesses may have to forgo standard express shipping to qualify for heavyweight shipping.

Other common challenges faced in dealing with large items include:

  • High shipping volumes: B2B businesses frequently ship oversized pallets of items, which can be challenging to manage and track.
  • Heavy goods: Many B2B businesses deal with the transport and shipping of heavy goods, such as machinery, industrial equipment, and large appliances.
  • International shipping: Shipping large or bulk items internationally adds a layer of complexity to the process, including ensuring smooth customs clearance and accurate compliance with international regulations.
  • Cost considerations: Finding the cheapest way to ship a heavy package or the best way to ship large boxes is crucial for businesses that want to minimise costs and remain competitive. 

Benefits of heavyweight shipping with DHL Express

When exporting and importing with DHL Express, you can ship maximum piece weights of up to 1,000 kilograms and maximum shipment weights of up to 3,000 kilograms. The items’ dimensions are also required to be within the following specifications:

  • Maximum piece length 300cm
  • Maximum piece width 200cm
  • Pallets: Standard-sized pallets of W x L up to 120cm, maximum pallet height 160cm

This gives businesses more flexibility in accessing heavyweight shipment options with the added benefit of express delivery. Other advantages of using DHL Express for heavy equipment shipping and large package shipping needs are:

  • Flexible shipping options: DHL offers a variety of flexible shipping options, including the use of large flat rate boxes, and special courier handling services for large fragile items.
  • Efficient tracking and monitoring: Our MyDHL+ platform provides businesses with end-to-end shipment visibility, including real-time tracking and monitoring.
  • Expertise in customs preparation, processes, and support: DHL Express customs services such as Multiline Entry and Bonded Storage ensure shipments arrive as smoothly and efficiently as possible while remaining compliant with international regulations.
  • Special handling: Heavyweight shipments often require special handling and equipment, which DHL Express can provide as part of our comprehensive shipping services. Optional value-add services like Shipment Value Protection, Extended Liability, and Dedicated Pickup further ensure shipments remain protected throughout their shipping journey.

Why choose DHL Express for heavyweight shipping?

B2B businesses often require fast and reliable shipping services to meet tight deadlines and avoid costly delays. At the same time, they are acutely aware of the costs associated with heavyweight shipping services, which can add an extra dimension of complexity to their logistical operations.

DHL Express strikes a balance between speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for businesses that need to regularly ship large quantities, oversized packages, or bulky items. With our extensive experience in international logistics, on-demand delivery options, and competitive pricing, we are the go-to choice for B2B businesses in Thailand that need to ship large and heavy items.

By leveraging DHL Express' expertise in international import and export, B2B businesses can overcome the challenges of shipping large items and heavy equipment. We connect you with 220 countries around the world so you can expand your business beyond Thailand and reach a global audience. Open a business account with DHL Express today and experience the difference a trusted shipping partner can make for your business.