GoGreen Plus Service: Reduce carbon emissions when shipping with DHL Express Vietnam

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In today's eco-conscious environment, sustainability is a critical concern for businesses worldwide, and the Vietnamese government is no exception to this global movement. Emphasising both general sustainability and targeted efforts within the logistics sector, the Vietnamese government has implemented policies and regulations to promote green practices. For example, the government launched the “National Green Growth Strategy for 2021 - 2030, vision towards 2050”, aiming to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the national economy, with a specific focus on improving environmental standards in the logistics and transportation industries. 

For enterprises in Vietnam seeking to expand overseas, green credentials are becoming essential. International shipping operations play a pivotal role in this context, as highlighted by data from the International Energy Agency. The agency reported that CO2 emissions from international shipping grew by 5% in 2022 and continued the rebound back to 2017-2018 levels, after 2020’s sharp decline. These numbers underline the vital importance of adopting eco-friendly shipping practices, in line with Vietnam's national objectives. 

This trend towards sustainability isn't confined to shipping but also extends to broader business operations. In fact, overseas business partners are increasingly requiring vendors to possess green production certificates, mirroring the global shift towards environmentally responsible practices. Countries like Japan enforce specific requirements for certifications, such as the Eco Mark for environmentally friendly products. Another instance is the EU Green Deal which serves as a roadmap to a clean and circular EU economy, requiring products imported into the region to have sustainable certifications.

Enter DHL Express's GoGreen Plus service, a sustainable shipping solution designed to align perfectly with these growing global and local demands. It's not only intended to reduce your carbon footprint but also to position your business at the forefront of a greener future. This alignment with sustainability reflects a broader commitment, especially vital in Vietnam, where government policies and international trends are driving a shift towards a more responsible and environmentally conscious business landscape. 

What is GoGreen Plus? 

GoGreen Plus is an advanced green logistics solution by DHL Express, carefully designed to address the rising demand for sustainable shipping practices. This isn't merely an eco-friendly endeavour; it's a comprehensive strategy to reduce carbon emissions directly within the company's operations, delivering significant benefits to our planet. 

GoGreen Plus’s key strategies are carbon insetting and the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), both vital components in the quest for green shipping. Through carbon insetting, GoGreen Plus enables businesses to reduce their Scope 3 emissions, which represent indirect greenhouse gas emissions emanating from an enterprise’s value chain, including downstream transportation and distribution.  

One of the most impactful aspects of GoGreen Plus is the use of SAF instead of traditional fuel for aircraft. This substitution allows customers to reduce 30% of the carbon emissions associated with their shipments. It's an immediate and practical step towards more sustainable shipping, demonstrating how GoGreen Plus not only aligns with global sustainability trends but also provides tangible solutions for those looking to make a positive environmental impact. 

What sets GoGreen Plus apart? 

Unlike offsetting measures, insetting is recognised by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) as a carbon reduction approach, since it aims to curtail emissions directly related to a company's operations along the supply chain. Instead of investing in external carbon-reduction projects like tree planting, insetting calls for the organisation to commit financially to sustainable practices that directly reduce or prevent greenhouse gas emissions tied to its activities. This includes the use of SAFs. 


Carbon Insetting

Carbon Offsetting


The organisation financially commits to sustainable practices to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions directly related to its activities (e.g., use of sustainable aviation fuel).  

The organisation brings down emission counts by investing in carbon-reduction projects outside of a business (e.g. tree planting). 


Directly impacts the company's operations, reducing emissions down the supply chain. 

Focuses on external projects to counterbalance emissions without changing internal operations. 

Alignment with DHL

Insetting is a key part of GoGreen Plus, allowing businesses to reduce Scope 3 emissions through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). 

Offsetting, while a valuable strategy in some contexts, is not the focus of GoGreen Plus, which emphasises direct reduction measures. 

SAFs are central to green shipping due to their potential to cut down lifecycle emissions from regular aviation fuels by up to 80%. They are generated from alternative feedstock with a superior sustainable energy profile, including used cooking oil, corn, waste, hydrogen, or CO2 synthesis. This contrasts with traditional, carbon-intensive jet fuels - or kerosene - that are derived from petroleum. 

Despite their sustainable origin, SAFs maintain a chemical structure akin to fossil-fuel-based jet fuels. This allows them to serve as a 'drop-in' fuel that blends with aircraft kerosene without necessitating any engine modifications. Although blending rates are currently capped at 50% due to legal restrictions, SAFs, while mitigating the carbon footprint during shipping, also significantly decrease other harmful emissions, such as particulates and sulphur, by 90% and 100%, respectively.  

In essence, GoGreen Plus embodies DHL's commitment to integrating impactful sustainable initiatives directly within its business model. This dedication to direct, proactive carbon reduction is what defines GoGreen Plus as a true leader in green logistics. 

Practical environmental benefits from your action 

When you choose GoGreen Plus, you're making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint. The service supports various sustainable projects ranging from reforestation to renewable energy – initiatives that align with the SBTi. Moreover, it offers the added assurance of being verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), an independent certification entity. 

Competitive advantage for your business 

Embracing GoGreen Plus can help you meet the growing demand for eco-friendly shipping options. By showcasing your commitment to sustainable practices through GoGreen Plus certification, you can potentially foster stronger relationships with both local and overseas partners, who are increasingly prioritising environmental responsibility. 

Enhanced reputation and trust for your brand 

Sustainability endorsement is on the rise globally, and Asia Pacific is no exception. According to the Consumer Expectations Index 2022, two-thirds of survey respondents in the region expect corporations to focus more on environmental protection. As a result, opting for GoGreen Plus allows your business to position itself as a socially responsible and sustainable entity. This commitment to sustainability can significantly enhance your brand image, making your offerings more appealing to a growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers.  

Getting started with GoGreen Plus 

Switching to GoGreen Plus is a streamlined process, meticulously designed to ease your shift to sustainable shipping. 

1. Choose GoGreen Plus in MyDHL+ 

Initiating your sustainable shipping journey with GoGreen Plus is as simple as ticking a box. When booking your shipment via our online shipping platform MyDHL+, you will find the option for GoGreen Plus under Optional Services. By ticking this box, you effortlessly embark on a path towards greener shipping. 

2. Instantly activate GoGreen Plus 

Upon selecting the GoGreen Plus option, DHL Express will automatically note your commitment. Your necessary business details are captured and, by ticking the box, you're indicating your acceptance of the service terms. 

3. Enjoy hassle-free sustainable shipping 

With GoGreen Plus selected, sustainable shipping becomes an accessible part of your routine operations. DHL Express facilitates the smooth transition to this greener way of doing business, ensuring the process is as seamless as possible. There's no need for any additional integration - GoGreen Plus is readily available and easy to use whenever you need it. 

4. Utilize tailor-made GoGreen Plus solutions 

Apart from the MyDHL+ tick box applicable for all DHL Express shippers, corporate clients with a regular shipping account can also make a request through their dedicated Account Manager for a customized GoGreen Plus contract. This allows them to adjust the desired carbon emission reduction level from the standard 30% all the way to 100%. 

By opting for GoGreen Plus, you're doing more than just adopting a green solution for your shipping needs. You're making a strategic choice that positions your business as a sustainability leader. This step is not just meaningful, but crucial, in contributing to global carbon reduction efforts and cultivating a greener future for us all.

Embrace sustainability with GoGreen Plus today 

The rise of sustainable practices in logistics is not merely a fleeting trend; it's a critical transformation shaping the future of the shipping industry given the rise in global C02 emissions. This spike underscores the necessity of green logistics solutions like GoGreen Plus that foster eco-friendly practices and reduce our collective carbon footprint. 

In the face of such stark contrasts, it's clear that companies, particularly those involved in extensive shipping operations, need to take decisive steps towards sustainability. Services like GoGreen Plus, which offers a comprehensive, practical, and verifiable solution for carbon-neutral shipping, is a tangible way of demonstrating this commitment. 

By choosing GoGreen Plus, you're aligning your business operations with the urgent demands of our planet and its future generations. More than that, you're gaining a competitive edge in an increasingly environmentally-conscious market. 

Ready to join the green revolution in logistics? Sign up for a business account with DHL Express and get started with GoGreen Plus today. With us, you can make every shipment a step towards a more sustainable future. For more information on sustainable shipping with DHL Express Vietnam, you can also request a consultation. 

Remember, when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, every environmentally-friendly effort counts. With our delivery service, you can ensure your international shipping operations are part of the solution, not the problem.