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To all the vibrant and business minds across South Africa, it's time to channel your inner superhero and "Assemble," just like Captain America would say!

Now, why the call to action? 

Imagine you are on a quest for a dynamic platform that's not just a resource hub but a catalyst for your business dreams. Imagine expert insights, real-life South African success stories, and a treasure trove of free tools that can catapult your SME or e-commerce venture from local stardom to global dominance. Exciting, right? Well, get ready to strap in because Discover by DHL Express South Africa is about to become your rocket fuel to success! 

We're not just talking logistics and shipping (though we've got that mastered at genius levels, too!), we're your one-stop plug for inspiring, educating and resource-filled content and tools capable of turning those "local legend" dreams of yours into international headlines. 


The Categories of Useful Insights:

On Discover,  you get access to varying advice and guides for business growth, shipping, and logistics. Think expert advice on navigating tricky legal stuff, marketing, and B2B tips to forge partnerships that'll propel you forward. Next is a brief breakdown of what that looks like.


Small Business Advice:

Forget the struggle bus, hop on the success express, with our expert tips tailored for South African small and medium enterprise. Whether you feel like David facing Goliath or a lone wolf entrepreneur, our small business advice is your expert guide, through legal hurdles, marketing jungles, and the thrilling climb to success.

E-commerce Advice:

With insightful nuggets, guides, industry trends, and success stories, you will be armed with e-commerce best practices, conversion hacks, market insights, and pro sales tips to optimize your web store operations, and excel in international shipping, whether your store is brand new or ready to rock the world!

B2B Advice:

Collaboration is key, but navigating partnerships can be tricky. Our B2B Advice is your secret handshake, helping you build strong B2B relationships that take your business to the next level and unlock new opportunities. You also get intelligent and incisive resources to excel in your B2B venture.

Logistics Advice:

Shipping got you feeling lost at sea? Fear not, brave adventurer! Logistics Advice is your compass, guiding you through customs, regulations, and the smooth delivery of your products. Indeed we will demystify the process and help you conquer international deliveries with confidence.

News & Insights:

You don't have to be a novice. With News and Insights, you get to stay ahead of the curve, being informed on the latest industry trends, market shifts, and inspiring stories of South African businesses conquering the world.

Shipping with DHL:

Think of us as your ever-present logistics buddy, giving you the inside scoop on the best shipping solutions, rates, and expert tips to send your products across the globe with ease. Because with us, your precious cargo is in expert hands, delivered on time and on budget.


In a Nutshell…

Indeed, from real-life South African businesses who are winning locally, and who've gone on to crush it globally, to accessing highly detailed and useful free downloadable tools to streamline your operations, and dive into exclusive insights from industry experts, there’s so much to gain, learn and be inspired by. 

Also, all these can be delivered fresh to your inbox when you subscribe with our fortnightly newsletter. Every Issue you get in the mail is like a power-up for your entrepreneurial spirit! 

We welcome you to sign up today and let's make global business domination your new reality!