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“We are about to experience a step change in digital connectivity – not just in terms of business but in the way we see and experience our world,” says Ludovic Le Moan, Chief Executive Officer of Sigfox, a company at the heart of the connectivity revolution. “That may sound like a grand statement but the rate of adoption of IoT, driven by a surge in IoT solutions, makes me confident in that prediction.”

With any new technology, there are always some challenges, but Ludovic believes that there will be plenty of opportunities too. He predicts that this new level of connectivity will be especially valuable for the supply chain, where accountability and tracking at every stage will bring exceptional efficiency and transparency to many businesses.

While this is an exciting new phase, it may well be tempered by issues of data ownership, where data could become even more of a currency than it is at present. Other consequences for society could be even more contentious, for example where they blur the lines between physical and digital worlds.

“I’m not convinced that we have anything to be concerned about yet,” reassures Ludovic. “And we’re perfectly capable of dealing with any issues as they arise along the way. However, it will be an interesting journey that could well change the world as we know it.”

We spoke to Ludovic at our recent IoT event, where he had some fascinating views on where connectivity could lead us. Here’s your exclusive backstage pass to find out more.

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