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A series of Podcasts discussing the future of Logistics and how new Innovation and Solutions are impacting the Supply Chain of Technology Companies.


Since the start of this year, the global tech manufacturing sector has faced an unprecedented amount of large-scale supply chain disruptions as companies worldwide begin to transition into a post-COVID-19 environment. In this report, Resilience360 highlights ten major trends and risks facing global tech supply chains, and offers guidance on how to manage them.

Ensuring Supply Chain Visibility in a Post-COVID Environment

Natural disasters, trade wars, regulatory pressure, and cybersecurity along with the pandemic all underline the importance of investing in end-to-end supply chain visibility. For technology companies that operate in fast-moving markets and rely on typically long and highly sensitive supply chains spanning multiple countries and continents, visibility is key. It can even make the difference between business success and business failure. 

The technology supply chain has changed significantly and continues to reverberate with impacts from the COVID-19 crisis. Most analysts agree there is no going back to the old normal. But it’s not all about the pandemic. Today’s logistics professionals are sensitized to monitoring a vast range of different supply chain risks.

Together with Shehrina Kamal, Product Director, Risk Monitoring and Timothy Yu, Supply Chain Risk Intelligence Analyst at DHL Resilience360 we talk about how these risks can be mitigated with better supply chain visibility. 

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