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Disruptive technologies are great for shaking up any industry. They help us make progress, find more efficient ways of working and, ultimately, improve the lives of many people. But disruption can also bring confusion and create challenges that some businesses might struggle to overcome.

“I love the way supply chains are being disrupted right now and how this is offering our customers exciting opportunities to operate faster and more efficiently,” Markus Voss, CIO & COO DHL Supply Chain, told us. “However, I’m also extremely conscious that people are anxious about being left behind. One of the questions I hear most in meetings with customers is ‘How can DHL help us understand what we can do better in our business?’ They ask us this because increasingly we are being seen as a technology provider who operates in the logistics space. And that’s a position that we feel pretty comfortable with.”

So, what are the technologies that are bringing an unprecedented level of change to our industry, and how can DHL help you navigate such a complex environment? Some of these technologies have been around for decades, but it’s only now that they are genuinely starting to earn their keep and becoming recognized as the game changers they undoubtedly are.

We spoke to Markus about Innovation and disruptive technologies at our recent IoT event. Here’s your exclusive backstage pass to find out more.

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