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Get behind the scenes of our inaugural Internet of Things (IoT) day at the DHL Innovation Center in Germany. Our theme was “Experience connected logistics” and this unique event explored the infinite opportunities brought by billions of connected things to the logistics industry. Missed out on the day? Check out these exclusive interviews with some of our speakers for their take on all things innovation.

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Machine Learning Can Help Build a World That Always Works

Ganesh Bell, President at Uptake, explores the increasing role of machine learning within industries such as energy, construction, healthcare and technology. Find out what big outcomes he sees coming your way. 

Uniting the Physical and Digital Worlds Through IoT

Ludovic Le Moan, Chief Executive Officer at Sigfox, discusses what will be the main catalyst for mass adoption of IoT technologies – a development that he predicts will be as groundbreaking as the discovery of oil.

Keeping Logistics Ahead of the Curve

Markus Kückelhaus, VP Innovation & Trend Research at DHL, explains the importance of DHL Trend Research in the development of tomorrow’s logistics solutions. Get the inside track on what’s driving innovation at DHL today.

How to Navigate the Technology Maze in Logistics

Markus Voss, CIO & COO DHL Supply Chain, believes there are three disruptive technologies which, now they have reached maturity, will have an extraordinary impact on future supply chains. Listen in to our conversation and find out which they are.

DHL Innovation Centers Bring People and Ideas Together

Matthias Heutger, SVP Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development at DHL, gets right to the heart of why DHL’s Innovation Centers are a breakthrough in collaborative working. Find out how they can add value and inspire exciting new ways forward for your business.

Innovation Events

Join our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, start-ups, partners, customers and leadership teams to exchange on innovation and push the boundaries of where the future of logistics is headed.

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Stay updated with the latest news, trends and events on all things innovation in logistics.