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Innovations are the life blood of any industry and logistics is no different. That’s why it’s so important to keep abreast of any new trends and developments that might have the potential to impact your business.

Markus Kückelhaus, VP Innovation & Trend Research at DHL explains: “Of course, companies do their own research and talk to peers about what’s up and coming. But at DHL we have, for many years now, taken pride in opening up our own innovations and trend research to our customers and partners.”

This valuable resource has seen many innovations taken forward to form the foundations of valuable assets for many businesses around the world. “I’m particularly proud of the work that we’ve done with our Trend Radar and Innovation Centers. They have given us the opportunity to work closely with customers and partners, focusing on what’s important and relevant to them in order to drive change within the industry.”

He continued, “I’m in a privileged position to see many emerging trends before they become commonplace. Many of them you can predict with some confidence, but just occasionally something gains a foothold out of the blue – and that’s when things really get interesting.”

We spoke to Markus at our recent IoT event, where he gave us a real insight into how DHL is guided by innovation. Here’s your exclusive backstage pass to find out more.

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