Surf Life saving Australia

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DHL Express Partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia – Connecting People and Saving Lives! 

20 Years of Unwavering Collaboration: DHL Express and Surf Life Saving Australia, a Lifesaving Partnership that Continues to Make a Difference.

As a Major National Partner of Surf Life Saving Australia, DHL has been helping Surf Lifesavers deliver safer beaches since 2003. DHL is the global market leader in the logistics and transportation industry and shares many core values with Surf Life Saving Australia including speed, passion and a can-do attitude.

DHL Express Australia and Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) over the last 20 years have formed a dynamic partnership aimed at promoting beach safety, saving lives, and fostering a engaged supportive community.

As a global leader in express logistics, DHL Express Australia will provide comprehensive support to SLSA's vital operations. This includes facilitating the efficient transport of essential equipment, supplies, and resources to SLSA's surf lifesaving clubs and emergency response teams.

In addition to logistical support, DHL Express Australia and SLSA will collaborate on various community engagement programs and awareness campaigns. These initiatives will educate the public about water safety practices, promote responsible beach behavior, and raise awareness about the invaluable services provided by SLSA's dedicated surf lifesavers. The partnership will also extend its reach beyond the beach, emphasizing environmental preservation and sustainability to protect Australia's stunning coastline.

Through this partnership, DHL Express Australia and Surf Life Saving Australia demonstrate their shared commitment to ensuring the well-being of Australians enjoying the coastal lifestyle. By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, they aim to make a lasting difference in promoting beach safety, protecting lives, and fostering a stronger, more resilient community.