Maximising DHL’s cloud computing services for e-commerce

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Cloud computing is on the rise in the world of e-commerce. It is fast, cost-effective, and easily scalable to each user's needs, making it the perfect IT management tool for businesses especially in a time of global supply chain uncertainty. Find out how to maximise DHL's cloud computing services for your business journey.

Cloud computing provides instant off-site access to crucial computing processes including servers, databases, and analytics. For e-commerce businesses, these functions can help to streamline the production process and maximise productivity. Common uses for e-commerce businesses include digitalising and automating logistics processes such as ordering, merchandising inventory management, and shipping.

In this way, e-commerce companies are able to reduce overhead costs, improve responsiveness and scalability, and focus company resources on a more customer-centric shopping experience.

Application programing interfaces (APIs) further supplement the structure of cloud-based computing as they allow different applications to communicate and exchange information between them. This virtual, easily accessible, and seamless control over both the business operations and logistics solutions creates a smoother process not only for e-commerce business owners but also for customers.

As a leading logistics provider worldwide, DHL has been improving its cloud computing services to help business owners achieve a quick and reliable turnaround time even amidst supply chain disruptions.

Modular cloud logistics platforms

Modular cloud logistics platforms allow a business to integrate its existing data infrastructure with logistics provider platforms via APIs, ensuring a streamlined and seamless flow of data on every link in the supply chain. This connection helps logistics providers, carriers, and shippers alike connect to determine the most cost-effective options for ordering, billing and tracking, while also decreasing capital expenditure and hardware upkeep.

DHL’s integrated logistics marketplaces ensure that variables such as transparent shipping options, shipment tracking, and last-mile delivery are smoothly embedded into any business's web properties, providing a personalised and cohesive experience to customers.

In the ever-popular fashion and retail sectors, the e-commerce customer experience from point of purchase to the moment that a parcel arrives on their doorstep has become increasingly personalised and highly responsive. Small changes like the ability to track a package as it makes its way to the customer has become a necessity, and can make or break a customer's shopping experience. 

This sort of guarantee and transparency achieved through cloud computing services puts the customer at the fore-front of the business model. It has seen a large pay-off in terms of customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and higher rates of returning customers

Cloud-powered global supply chain

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the global supply chain, migrating all supply chain processes to the cloud allows companies to minimise capital expenditure while optimising material flows and shipping channels.

Everything from warehousing to doorstep delivery can be integrated into an all-in-one-view, enabling e-commerce business owners to track, coordinate and manage different steps in the supply chain from a centralised hub.

With these cloud-based automated supply chains, businesses can quickly address supply shocks, delays, and other interruptions all while immediately notifying customers of these sudden changes. Consolidating these different steps in the supply chain into a single platform also increases operational efficiency, allowing for planning and management to take place on a much larger scale. 

Nowhere else is such real-time information more important than in sectors such as healthcare, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on. With time and temperature-sensitive products like medicine or healthcare equipment being shipped worldwide, on-demand information of crucial logistics details can make a huge difference. DHL Express’ Medical Express service has been committed to the delivery and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and other urgent medical needs worldwide, a task made easier with the sort of comprehensive management that cloud computing services afford.

Accomplish your e-commerce business goals with DHL Express

Cloud computing services have many advantages for e-commerce businesses today. At DHL, we are constantly innovating new ways of integrating cloud computing into our processes to make the business journey easier for e-commerce entrepreneurs worldwide.

Sign up for a DHL Express account to learn more about how your e-commerce business can benefit from our services.