Delivering on Circularity: watch our webinar!

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Circular economy concept. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are increasing.

The potential of circularity is significant.

Embracing a circular economy will be key in ensuring that global production and consumption align with sustainability targets. By focusing on the principles of a circular economy, the 5 Rs of Reducing, Repairing, Reselling, Refurbishing and Recycling, manufacturers can increase the life-cycle of a product, reduce waste and optimise water consumption, while simultaneously optimising supply chains to build a sustainable business model.

Watch our most recent webinar where Kerry Croft and Franz von Bismarck-Osten delve into all things circular economy. Find out how logistics can enable consumer goods industries, particularly those in textiles, apparel and consumables, to tackle the climate crisis and other environmental challenges by helping to close the supply chain loop. 

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