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What DHL Express is doing to GoGreen
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We operate in more than 220 countries and territories. We have made continuous investments in our hubs, fleet and final mile delivery solutions locally to create more emission-free operations.

How is DHL Express achieving GoGreen?

Sustainable Aviation

As approximately 90% of DHL Express’s carbon footprint is emitted by our air network, improving our aviation sustainability is a big focus. We do this through Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blending, investing in the most fuel-efficient aircraft, optimising fuel, and driving innovation such as the purchase of electric planes.

Electric Fleet

DHL Express UK has launched new electric courier vans, which is an important step towards making city streets greener and reducing the impact of commercial vehicles on the environment. The roll out of electric courier vans across the UK is part of our goal to run a 100% electric courier vehicle fleet by 2030, with 337 vehicles in place by the end of 2022.

Courier Bicycles

By 2025 we are striving to achieve 70% zero-emission first and last mile services through clean pick-up and delivery solutions. Since 2017, we have launched 27,000 bicycles, cargo bikes and cubicycles worldwide to reduce and avoid the emissions of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants.

Greener Hub Operations

All new DHL Express Service Centres are built to the highest required BREEAM and EPC environmental standards. This includes using green electricity, LED daylight-controlled lighting and emission-free air conditioning.

Riverboat Thames Service

DHL Express has launched London’s first riverboat parcel delivery service, which aims to ease congestion, improve air quality and provide a reliable and efficient way of transporting deliveries across the capital. The innovative service has been introduced as part of DHL’s commitment to using blended transport modes to improve access to urban areas and is an important step towards exploring the use of the river for small scale freight transport. DHL has proven the effectiveness of combining land and waterways through its established canal delivery network in Venice, but the service in London represents its first high speed service.