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Susie Goodall: Profile of an adventurer

Culture · 5 min read

*OLD* Susie Goodall: My Story

As Susie Goodall prepares to set sail on her greatest adventure, we ask her about her journey, from liking boats as a three-year-old to becoming a great sailor.

To even contemplate circumnavigating the globe, solo, you need to be made of something special. Take a look at our film, in which Susie Goodall tells us all about what inspired her to plan her upcoming journey and what she’ll have to overcome to make it back in one piece. 

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From the immense mental strength needed to tackle loneliness over a 30,000 mile voyage, to the basic maintenance skills needed to keep the mission afloat, Susie knows she’s going to need to dig deep to make it back home safe. 

Susie Goodall aboard boat

Follow Susie's voyage on our live race tracker: