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Preparing For The Rise Of The Silver Economy In E-Commerce
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Ageing populations worldwide are creating major shifts across multiple areas of society – including in business and logistics. Estimates by the World Health Organisation suggest that 1 in 6 people worldwide will be aged 605 and above by 2030, making it imperative for businesses to be proactive in anticipating and rising to meet their needs and challenges.

As changes are slowly made to accommodate the changing population, all industries and sectors, including the e-commerce industry, will need to ride the wave of the rising silver power in this new silver economy. This eventually means plenty of new business opportunities for e-commerce companies to take advantage of, especially as more senior citizens get used to online shopping. Maximising the impact of silver power can happen in two main ways: creating meaningful work opportunities in e-commerce companies for senior workers, and catering to the e-commerce goals of senior consumers in promising sectors like healthcare and medical equipment.

DHL is leading the way by identifying and anticipating the needs of the upcoming ‘silver avalanche’. This extends from recognising the benefits of having senior workers in a team, to offering a greater variety of value-added services and innovations in last-mile delivery.

Making space for senior workers

Gone is the traditional model of retiring at a certain age – today, many senior workers are continuing to seek employment even in their ‘golden years’. Welcoming senior workers back into the workforce can provide e-commerce businesses with meaningful opportunities for knowledge exchange, especially if the company intends to modify their business model to embrace the silver economy.

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Technological advancements such as bionic enhancement, proactive measures to improve digital literacy, and the upskilling of digital-based skills and knowledge can similarly help to support senior workers in a greater variety of work and business opportunities.

Meeting e-commerce goals of the silver economy

The most straightforward way for e-commerce businesses to take advantage of new silver economy business opportunities is to embrace or pivot to relevant product and service sectors such as healthcare or medicine, telehealth and other telecommunication services, and improved at-home delivery services for daily necessities such as groceries.

These sectors are potential hotbeds for e-commerce innovation especially with promising advances in biotechnology or digitisation aimed at targeting specific needs of senior consumers. For example, DHL’s Medical Express service specialises in delivering time- and temperature-sensitive shipments such as medical equipment and patient specimens. Seniors who require special health supplements like fish oil capsules, calcium tablets and more can have them delivered over via our service, and ensure they remain well protected in temperature-controlled environments like dry boxes. Medical equipment like oximeters or accessories such as KnitWarm® heating knee pads, calf warmers, heating caps and scarves can be arranged for fast delivery to nursing homes or hospitals too. Each aspect of this specialised service has been tailored to meet specific needs such as ambient, chilled, and frozen temperature options with Thermo Packaging and central monitoring of shipments throughout the export and import process. Optional last-mile delivery services including on-demand delivery, dedicated pickup, and contactless delivery also help to improve the hygiene and safety of deliveries and make the process more appealing for seniors.

Traditionally lucrative sectors in Hong Kong such as consumer electronics, media products, or personal accessories and eyewear can consider offering new online shopping options that cater to the needs of an ageing population – such as hearing and vision aids or tailored new media content for senior citizens. Electronic devices or digital services that can improve mobility and accessibility will likely gain more prominence as well in the e-commerce market, especially as more seniors embrace ‘active ageing’ and continue to pursue their fitness and lifestyle goals regardless of age.

Embrace new silver economy business opportunities with DHL Express

Succeeding in the competitive e-commerce market hugely depends on being able to understand, anticipate, and rise to meet new trends before they arrive. Open a business account and discover how DHL Express can help you optimise and take advantage of new silver economy business opportunities today.