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How to Use the Receiver Paid Service to Import Goods

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What is Receiver Paid Service and its benefits

The Receiver Paid Service by DHL Express is an online shipping solution that allows you to import or ship products from over 200 countries worldwide to Hong Kong without having to create a DHL corporate account. All you have to do is to provide details of where the item is and where it needs to go on the online platform – MyDHL+.

This is done door-to-door, whereby the courier picks up the items from the origin address and sends them to the intended recipient’s destination address. All logistical details are taken care of by the courier service provider.

Here are some benefits of this shipping solution:

  • No matter if you are a business without a DHL corporate account or a personal shipper, you can simply make payments online by credit card.  

  • Provides global parcel tracking. You can easily track your shipment and know exactly when it was picked up, where it is and when you will receive it.

  • The courier delivers your international parcels through reliable and fast shipping

When to use this service by DHL Express

The Receiver Paid Service is for anyone who wants fast and efficient door-to-door delivery. There are several cases in which you can use this shipping solution.

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You have forgotten an important document or item overseas 

Sometimes, when we travel overseas for vacation or work, we might forget something important at home or absent-mindedly leave things in the hotel and set off on our merry way to the airport for our return trip. In such cases, the Receiver Paid Service is something useful to consider. You can simply arrange for your item to be picked up in one location and delivered to your doorstep.

You want to import overseas goods

This solution is very useful if you want to import goods into Hong Kong. All you have to do is make arrangements with the supplier or manufacturer and use this shipping solution to receive the products. DHL Express will take care of all the necessary logistical and shipping formalities and customs clearance and deliver the goods to you.

You want to purchase something from overseas

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in online shopping, allowing customers to make overseas purchases easily. With Receiver Paid Service, customers based in Hong Kong can import from international businesses, although they may not offer international shipping. All they have to do is communicate with the supplier or retailer to arrange for shipments. Receiver Paid Service is a service initiated by the receiver to ship products over.

How to use the Receiver Paid Service by DHL Express?

This service is very simple to use, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit MyDHL+ to provide the necessary details required for the shipment. This will include the product’s collection point and its intended delivery destination.

  2. The next step is to make a credit card payment.

  3. Once payment has been made, the shipper will be notified of details related to the shipment.

  4. You’ll have to inform the shipper of the need to contact DHL Express at origin to arrange for the pick up of the shipment once it is ready. 

  5. We will then collect the product from the shipper and deliver it to the destination in person. 

  6. With the tracking feature, you can easily track and trace your parcel.

With the Receiver Paid Service by DHL Express, you can be sure that your products will be collected and delivered worldwide quickly and efficiently. 

DHL Express also offers time-sensitive delivery solutions, such as On Demand Delivery service where customers can choose their delivery preferences to meet their needs. Open a DHL Express business account today and try the Receiver Paid Service today to enjoy fast international delivery.