DHL Customer Care: digital touchpoints
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Any successful business has several factors that play a significant role in its success. The development of a good product or service, marketing it, and selling it to the right target audience is a few of such factors. Another important factor in ensuring any business’s success is customer support. It is offered to customers during the selling of a product or service and afterwards. 

Providing excellent customer service is required for a business to grow and retain customers. Having great customer support will leave customers satisfied as they feel valued when they reach out to the business and get answers conveniently. According to a research by Zendesk, 75% of customers surveyed will spend more with businesses that give them a good customer experience. 

Having a well-planned customer care service will no doubt help businesses grow by having more loyal customers, good reviews and recurring clients. The following section will highlight the importance of providing good customer care services and the benefit it brings. 

Importance of good customer care service

Offering multiple touchpoints through which customers can reach a business can be beneficial in many different ways, some of them discussed below:

It offers ease and convenience to the customers

Offering multiple types of touchpoints where customers can contact a company provides ease and convenience to them. Some people prefer one mode of communication over the other. When they have multiple options available, they can choose any one of their preferred mediums and contact the company.

Multiple touchpoints show how the business cares about you

When a company offers multiple digital touchpoints for users to contact, it helps show them that the company cares about their convenience. Having multiple touchpoints also brings the customer experience to life, as the users feel valued and special, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. 

It reiterates that the business is always there to help you

When companies have only one or two contact points, it can be difficult for users to reach out to them. They may not be able to contact a representative even after multiple tries, which may leave them feeling frustrated, which ultimately results in a negative brand experience. Multiple touchpoints ensure that there is some mode through which you will be able to contact a representative and get your questions answered or problems fixed.

It shows the customers that the company adopts an omnichannel strategy

When a business offers multiple touchpoints for contact, it shows that they are using an omnichannel marketing strategy and are, hence, professionals with a strong online presence. Through these touchpoints, customers can get all the latest information about products and services irrespective of which social media platform they use.

Leading by example - DHL Express’ digital touchpoints

DHL Express understands the importance of good consumer service, and we offer multiple digital touchpoints for customers to engage our DHL customer care services. These multiple customer care touchpoints offer added convenience and ease, making customers more satisfied with the quality of service that DHL Express offers them. These various digital contact points for DHL India are discussed below:

1. Telephone

There are two DHL customer care numbers that anybody can contact. These include:

  • 1800 209 1345
  • 1800 111 345

For people calling from outside India, the number is +91- 22-66789001. Those who have queries about their shipment can call in to receive updates about their shipment’s status or information regardingdelivery, and courier pickups.

2. Email

Another touchpoint through which people can contact us is through email. There are separate forms for sending emails depending on whether you want to inquire about tracking, sales, customer service, or billing. Users can even send an email to the Senior Vice president & Managing Director and Vice President, Customer Service, of DHL Express India. 

3. WhatsApp

DHL Express offers a WhatsApp number where a digital assistant is available 24/7 to answer queries and provide support to the caller. Anyone can contact the DHL customer service WhatsApp number at+91 8976 949 345.

4. Facebook

You can even reach out to DHL Express through Facebook.

5. Twitter

You can get all the latest news and updates about our services through DHL Express’ Twitter account @DHLExpressIndia 

6. Instagram

Users can also reach our customer service through our Instagram account @DHLExpressIndia.

7. LinkedIn

Our customers can reach us on LinkedIn

All these digital DHL customer care touchpoints are a testament to the value that DHL Express holds in satisfying our customers and how we always puts them first. Our friendly customer service team is committed to assist you with your deliveries and answering your queries. Sign up for a DHL Express account today and let us help you meet your business and customers’ needs and demands efficiently.