DHL Express Breakbulk Service (BBX)

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DHL Express Breakbulk is a business solution which makes it possible to clear multiple shipments going to different recipients with a single customs entry.

After import customs clearance, DHL delivers the goods as individual shipments*¹ to overseas users and retailers. We provide speedy delivery from manufacturing plants and parts centers to multiple users and retailers in 3~4 days*².

*1 Individual shipments will not be attached by invoices or other documents indicating customs clearance prices

*2 The service may vary depending on the contents of the shipment, such as pickup and delivery areas


This is an ideal solution for businesses that need to send many shipments to different recipients located in the same country or customs union.

Step 1 - Multiple individual shipments with the same contents are combined at origin.

Step 2 - One shipping label with one customs invoice is created for a single consolidated shipment.

Step 3 - The consolidated shipment is transported by DHL Express Time Definite Worldwide service to the destination country.

Step 4 - The consolidated shipment is submitted to customs as a single entry and cleared with customs invoices that detail the contents of each individual shipment.

Step 5 - The consolidated shipment is then separated by DHL into individual shipments at our facility and delivered to the recipients.


  • You only need to prepare one shipping document (waybill and invoice) for each shipment, so you can eliminate the need to prepare shipping documents for each individual shipment.
  • Shipping documents can be prepared with a dedicated tool, making shipping operations more efficient.
  • Minimize the inventory-related costs for the local distributor (importer).
  • Shorter lead times allow for an efficient supply chain that responds to market demand and trends, minimizing the risk of lost sales opportunities, excess inventory, etc.

**BREAK BULK is not available in some countries and regions. Please consult with our sales staff in advance.