Same Day Jetline

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DHL Same Day Jetline is a same-day transport service that delivers your most urgent and time-critical shipments. Quickly, reliably and speedily, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

DHL Same Day Jetline offers pickup and delivery all day and night, providing real-time shipment status updates until delivery is complete.

About DHL Same Day Jetline

*1 In some cases, such as nighttime requests, it may not be possible to mount the shipment on the same day.

*2 Excluding items that are too large or heavy to be loaded onto an aircraft.

*3 Some shipping countries and destinations are not supported. Please confirm at the time of quotation.

*4 Packing, labeling, marking and documentation are required in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Acceptance of some dangerous goods and category B biological materials (UN3373) depends on shipment country of origin and destination. Please confirm at the time of quotation.

Emergency Freight Forwarding (NFO)

We also handle pickup requests at night and on holidays. Shipment is loaded on the earliest available flight at the time of pickup and delivered directly by local staff after import customs clearance.

Delivered by hand

We are always ready to respond to our customers' emergencies with speed. We arrange the fastest pickup, flight, or delivery, and our staff board the aircraft with the cargo to ensure delivery.


Advantages of same-day delivery service

You can rest assured that our Same Day courier service has got your back during unforeseen circumstances, or for mission-critical emergencies. We understand that certain shipments are of special importance, such as keeping your inventory replenished, delivering medicines and other clinical products, or even planning a party – all of which demand the utmost care and attention.

Our Same Day courier service seeks to address your most challenging requirements, in the simplest way. Let us take care of your local and international shipments. Whether you are looking to satisfy your customers’ demands, close gaps in sales and service, or increase sales, you can rely on DHL Express for your business needs.

With standardized procedures, end-to-end visibility, and an all-rounded integrated network to minimize time and costs of liaising with multiple vendors, we strive to deliver while reducing your operating costs. The result? A better experience for your customers, improved responsiveness, and a clear competitive advantage for your business.

For more information about DHL Express Same Day Jetline service, please contact a DHL sales representative.