International shipping without a DHL business account

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DHL Express offers services that can be utilized by customers who do not have a DHL Express account number. Please choose the payment method and shipping method that suits your needs.

Choose the service from the payment method and shipping method options

Online shipping with MyDHL+

You can ship via MyDHL+ (online shipping tool). To request a shipment pickup, please contact MyDHL+ or DHL Customer Service.

In addition, by using a promotional code that can be easily accessed through registration, you can enjoy even more cost-effective shipping. *Please note that a pickup request through MyDHL+ is required to use the promotional code.

Import shipments from overseas to Japan can also be arranged online

By using DHL Import Express, you can arrange for shipments, such as forgotten items at overseas hotels, that require payment in Japan without opening a account. Payment can be made with a credit card.

How to use:

Please use MyDHL+ (online shipping tool) to arrange shipping.

You can prepare the necessary documents for shipping by entering the sender and consignee information.

  • There is no service available for the sender in Japan to arrange for cash-on-delivery (COD) service for international shipments
  • If the recipient abroad wishes to use cash-on-delivery (COD), please contact the local DHL office
  • The Express  Worldwide import service cannot be used with promo codes

Documents and packages from your nearest post office or post box

Send your documents and packages with DHL by "Letter Pack" from any post office or post box in Japan. You can easily send documents and packages overseas at any time. You will need to create a waybill and pay by credit card through MyDHL+.

This allows you to ship without waiting for pickup or bringing the shipment to a DHL facility.


Pack and ship from a DHL Service Point

Express Easy is a package service that you can use from any DHL Service Point. With just 3 simple steps, you can take advantage of our international shipping service.

  1. Find a DHL Service Point
  2. Prepare your shipment (create a waybill easily with your mobile!)
  3. Bring it in, Pack it & Ship it