Express 9:00/10:30/12:00 -For the highest priority handling

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Express 9:00 / 10:30 / 12:00 services prioritize handling for delivery. Our additional charges are based on a simple flat rate structure, with no weight-based variations for both document and non-document shipments. Even for urgent shipments and documents that arise suddenly before or after holidays, we can ensure reliable delivery within the specified time to major destinations worldwide.


About Express 9:00 /10:30/ 12:00

DHL Express 9:00 (10:30 to the USA)

Our premium time-definite service offers a delivery before 9:00(10:30 to the USA) on lanes that guarantee either a next or second business day delivery. DHL Express 9:00 is offered to the majority of business centers in Europe and Asia.

DHL Express 12:00

With DHL Express 12:00 you will receive your shipments before 12 noon on the next possible business day.


Service Overview & Fees

Terms of Use

  • For non-document shipments, there may be restrictions on certain items or maximum declared values depending on the delivery destination
  • There will be variations in weight restrictions for each item depending on the delivery destination
  • Please note that delivery schedules will be subject to changes on weekends and public holidays

Service available countries