A Guide to Shipping Liquid in Bulk Internationally

4 Mins Read
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Expanding your business overseas always comes with its challenges. If you’re considering exporting liquids, like wines or perfumes, dealing with liquid transportation is one such challenge. Indeed, shipping liquids internationally can be quite complex, especially when needing to adhere to specific rules and regulations. 

Similar to most countries, New Zealand imposes stringent requirements for flammable or alcoholic liquids. Different countries also have a different list of laws, restricting and prohibiting a unique set of products. Businesses must take the necessary precautions in order to prevent their products being held at customs. 

If you're looking to expand your business and shipping liquid in bulk, proper management will be required. Here's what you need to know about the logistics involved when shipping liquids internationally:

Can I ship liquids?

Yes, New Zealand permits shipping liquids overseas. However, there are some strict regulations regarding the type of liquid and the volume. Typically, you can ship non-flammable liquids via air, ocean freights or cargo services. Keep in mind that shipping liquids overseas may also require you to check the country's laws where you're shipping. Take note of the custom regulations of your export destination and the export permits required.

How do I ship liquids in bulk?

One of New Zealand's primary ways of logistics management is through ocean freight service providers. SMEs can ship non-flammable, non-hazardous liquids efficiently and affordably. There are also various ways in which SMEs can cut down their shipping costs as well.

DHL's ocean freight services are a unique solution which allows traders to transport liquids in bulk liquid carriers via a Flexitank. The multi-layered bladder DHL Flexitanks are entirely environmentally-friendly and can easily fit into a 20-foot standard shipping container. That way, it effectively turns into an equivalent of an ISO tank.

What liquids am I prohibited from shipping by regular mail?

Similar to most countries, New Zealand prohibits the shipping of all flammable and hazardous liquids. NZ Post permits the shipping of alcohol only if it's less than 5 litres or under the 70% alc/vol. Other fluids like nail polish, perfumes containing alcohol and poisons are restricted.

You should also consider sending items containing aerosol gases by surface mail services as they pose a risk of explosion via air freight. Due to their volatile nature, shipping perfumes may require you to reach out to experts, such as DHL Express, for professional guidance.

How can I ship liquids that contain alcohol, such as perfume and wine?

Liquids that contain alcohol, such as perfume and wine, are often valuable and face considerable demand. According to the New Zealand Winegrowers Inc. 2022 Report, New Zealand’s annual wine export hit NZ$1.95 billion in 2021. One of the massive growth facilitators is the inbound logistics that help businesses optimise their reach.

DHL Express provides specialised services so as to allow businesses to ship alcohol. Its Wine & Spirits Logistics services make it possible for liquid to be transported internationally by bulk. Ultimately, the delivery service provider helps local businesses in the wine and spirits industry expand their consumer base overseas. Find out how you can start shipping wines internationally.

How do I pack liquids for international shipping?

You are required  to ensure the liquids you are shipping are well packaged to prevent leakages and breakages. In such cases, you can pack your items using various materials like sealed plastic bags and containers. You can add cellulose wadding, absorbent packets, thermal bubble wrap, and adhesive tape to further secure the packages.

Another safety tip is to tape the bottoms of all boxes and wrap the containers in packing paper. Placing the bottles in foam or cardboard trays will ensure they remain shockproof. Remember to fill any empty spaces with padding, seal the top of the box and mark it as ‘fragile’ or ‘flammable’ if needed. 

How do I get started with shipping liquids overseas?

Shipping internationally requires professional logistics and supply chain management. However, you first have to consider a few basic things. First, you need to identify the type of liquid you want to ship and the destination country. Bear in mind that each country has its unique laws and regulations regarding liquids exports. In other words, you'll have to check what import licenses you may need for your products. 

A crucial part of the process is ensuring your products have the appropriate packaging and labelling. Partner with a reliable logistics company like DHL Express to ensure all your shipping needs are taken care of. Open a DHL Express account and start today.