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The Grand Tour season 2

Culture · 5 min read

The Grand Tour: the next season

At DHL, we’re massive fans of The Grand Tour’s go-anywhere, do-anything, make-something-happen attitude. So we leapt at the chance to support Clarkson, Hammond and May on their latest adventure. So what's new?

The Grand Tour Season 2 will see the team taking their irreverent sense of humor and derring-do even further than ever. Our intrepid trio has been getting a few exotic stamps on their passports this time round. “Way more locations in this one, way more,"  insists Clarkson. The team then reel off a jet-lag-inducing list of places … Germany, Canada, New York, Switzerland, South America, Mozambique, Croatia.

But despite the exotic location shoots, Clarkson claims there's no reason to worry because it's still basically about “great cars and us three bickering.”


It's Clarkson, Hammond and May here, so, unsurprisingly, they had widely differing options. Hammond's heaven turns out to be Africa: "There are bits around ... where sometimes I find myself thinking, 'Do you know what? I could stay here'". Whereas Clarkson pumped for somewhere much closer to home: "Southwest France; I would be extremely happy if somebody said I have to go and live there." In typically contrarian style, May refused to be drawn on his favorite but was quick to share the opposing view: "If I had to choose a place I found particularly reprehensible, to do with Series 2 specifically, I'd say probably the Cotswolds." (Apologies to our Cotswolds readers for any offense.)

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It seems like the chief obstacle was the same one the trio always face: "Continuing to work with each other ... which is an enormous challenge," according to James May. That aside, Season 2 wasn't without its unique setbacks and obstacles. Richard Hammond came off a motorbike and was holed up in a Swiss hospital with a broken knee after a spectacular crash in the all-electric Croatian Rimac supercar. Jeremy Clarkson managed to contract pneumonia in Majorca of all places. May seems to have come out relatively unscathed and described what they were up against thusly: "We've had to drive in some quite interesting conditions from dusty things to very icy, snowy things with precipitous drops, very rough roads, very bad terrain, very, very bad cars and really atrocious language."


We'll be delivering our own DHL business spin on each port of call on The Grand Tour right here – the backstories, the economic climate, the emerging opportunities. We've been practically everywhere and we'd like to give you the benefit of our experience and point out some of the advantages of investing in each of the destinations visited by Clarkson, Hammond and May.

So that's a taste of The Grand Tour Season 2. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride as it goes further, deeper and more extreme. 

Watch The Grand Tour Season 2 now, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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