4 Benefits of Opening a DHL Express Account For Your Business

4 Mins Read
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Amidst tough competition in the retail and e-commerce sphere, it pays to not underestimate the value of reliable shipping services. Research from Conveyco shows that 46% of global consumers consider shipping reliability as one of the top attributes they look out for when deciding which retailer to buy from. This means when brands provide unreliable delivery services, be it slow deliveries or missing shipments, nearly half of all customers are likely to look elsewhere. 

What’s more, in an archipelago of over 7,600 islands, working with a proper shipping partner is paramount for businesses in the Philippines that are looking to deliver nationwide — not to mention around the world. While the unique geography may pose logistical challenges, harnessing effective shipping solutions can allow companies to tap on a wider customer base without bearing the weight of hefty shipping fees. 

That is precisely where a trusted delivery service provider like DHL Express comes into play. With a DHL Express Business account, you can tap on our global experience, extensive network, and top-notch shipping services to grow your business internationally. Here are four advantages of opening a DHL Express Business account.  

1. Preferential rates 

It goes without saying that cutting down on shipping costs is one of the ways to improve the bottom line, especially for smaller businesses. DHL Express Business account holders get preferential rates, allowing them to save up to 30% on international shipping. Companies can benefit from attractive shipping rates, which are calculated based on shipment volume and frequency to fit your business needs. 

2. World-class shipping services

DHL Express ships to over 220 countries and territories worldwide, making international delivery a smooth, hassle-free experience. There is a wide range of delivery services to choose from, including last-mile door-to-door service options for seamless international shipping. Our export and import delivery services include: 

  • Urgent, Time-Sensitive: by the next possible business day 

  • Less Urgent: within 1-3 business days 

  • Same Day: the fastest possible delivery for emergency shipments 

Along with express parcel and package services, DHL Express provides several business solutions to help account holders save on valuable time and costs. These solutions include Express Breakbulk (consolidated customs clearance) and Medical Express (temperature-sensitive shipments for clinical supplies).  

To top it all off, DHL Express offers a wide range of optional services, giving businesses the flexibility to pick and choose additional solutions according to their needs. Some optional services include shipment preparation, shipment insurance, duty billing services, pickup options, and more. With a DHL Express account, rest assured that your shipments are in safe hands from pickup to your customers’ doors. 

3. Flexible delivery options 

An issue that many consumers face with courier services is the dreaded failed delivery attempt — when a parcel gets sent at inconvenient times and they couldn’t receive it. 

Such problems will become a thing of the past with DHL Express’ On Demand Delivery. It enables your customers to choose when and where their package is delivered. Not only do customers benefit, but so do you, as the flexibility and convenience ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction, and fewer returns. 

4. Access to powerful shipping tools with MyDHL+

MyDHL+ is the all-in-one shipment management solution at your fingertips. It makes international shipping a breeze for DHL Express account members, allowing companies to create shipments, get rate and time quotes, schedule pickups, and monitor shipments with ease. 

The platform is packed with user-friendly and time-saving features that streamline your online experience, as one password is all you need to do it all. With MyDHL+, you will be equipped with the tools you need to navigate the complexities of cross-border shipping without a hitch.  

How to create a DHL Express account 

Interested in learning how to get a DHL business account? The process couldn’t be easier. To apply for a DHL Express account, simply fill in the form with a number of details such as name, company name, and contact information, and let us know your shipping frequency (daily/weekly/monthly). There are no prerequisites or account requirements to sign up.   

Let us help propel your business to the next level. Register for a DHL Express Business account to reap the benefits today.