How DHL GoGreen Partners With Customers For Sustainability Goals

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In recent times, consumers have become increasingly conscious of the brands that they patronize, with considerations such as their corporate reputation becoming just as important as the products and services that they sell. In fact, one of the biggest factors these consumers look out for is ensuring the brands they support are environmentally sustainable.

Many businesses are starting to understand the importance of ensuring sustainable operations, which has seen them implement revised practices in their efforts to go green. For example, external go green campaigns and initiatives have become the norm, while office regulations have been revised to cut down on unnecessary usage of electricity and to introduce recycling. 

In its own efforts to ensure a sustainable business model, DHL Express has introduced DHL GoGreen, an initiative targeting to reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants. This initiative is part of our wider goal, “Mission 2050: Zero Emissions”, as we aim to reduce all our logistics-related emissions to net zero by the year 2050. 

If you’re keen to start your own sustainability journey by partnering with your customers, continue scrolling to view some of the ways we have worked with customers for sustainability goals! 

1. Adopt A Seedling Project

As we continue to work toward our “Mission 2050: Zero Emissions” project, we partnered with Haribon Foundation in an adopt-a-seedling project, to assist them in their efforts of planting one million hectares of degraded forests in the Philippines by planting indiginous trees. Through this project to go green, we’re also able to work towards one of our other key goals, which is to promote biodiversity and species conservation not just in the Philippines, but all around the world. 

Through engaging in similar projects in your own industries, you’ll not only be able to build a reputation amongst your consumer base as a company dedicated to environmental sustainability, but you will also be able to form stronger bonds with your consumers through these shared efforts. 

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2. GoGreen Ecobrick

A go green initiative created in 2019, DHL Express has been working with our customers to create ecobricks, plastic bottles that are filled with unrecyclable plastic which are used as building materials. With the assistance of 173 DHL Express Philippines members that participated in the initiative, 615 ecobricks were made from 176kg of plastic waste collected. As a result, 557.1kg of carbon dioxide was sequestered from the earth’s atmosphere. Upon the successes of the last few years, we’re taking it one step further by partnering with our customers to recycle flyers as Ecobricks too. 

3. DHL GoGreen Solutions

While we make efforts to ensure DHL Express operates in an environmentally sustainable manner, we also work with our corporate customers to provide them with green logistics solutions and help them find ways to go green.

One effective tool we provide is our DHL Carbon Report, which tracks your greenhouse gas emissions, identifies efficiency potentials, and generates a detailed report of this information. Additionally, we provide a variety of products that help to optimize your brand’s environmental footprint, such as our DHL Green Danmar, where we ensure the use of carbon-efficient ocean freight. Some of our other solutions include DHL RailConnect, where environmentally friendly Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) rail multi-modal services are provided.

By engaging in these products and services, your business will be able to not only reduce its impact on the environment, but also reduce logistics-related costs and improve your brand's reputation. 

Go Green With DHL

The examples above are just a few of the many ways that you can help your business to implement ways to go green, and to help you achieve your sustainability and development goals. 

To find out more about how you can play your part in future-proofing your business and the environment, view our DHL Express GoGreen Solutions and  open an account today! Create a DHL Express account today and access all our DHL GoGreen Solutions.