The Safest Way to Send Important Documents

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Various forms of communication have been invented over the years, evolving how we interact and convey information to one another. One of the biggest developments that have had a revolutionary impact is no doubt the rise of the Internet. Opening up doors to digital modes of communication, it has now superseded most forms of communication. However, just as the internet has made communication easier and faster, accelerating the pace at which businesses are run, and connecting us to the world in unparalleled ways, privacy and security of the internet is a growing concern. In addition, unlike basic items that can be easily replaced, important documents are almost irreplaceable. Once sensitive documents, such as those with legal significance are lost, they are not only the hardest to replace but can also lead to civil actions and penalties should there be unauthorized disclosure or modification. From cyberattacks to questioning the security levels of digital channels, many have concerns which have brought about an increased interest in determining the safest way to send sensitive documents without compromising speed.

Is sending documents over email secure?

According to DataReportal, there are over 73.91 million internet users in the Philippines, indicating its prominence in our lives. While the internet has made communication easier and faster, the byproduct of the World Wide Web, electronic mail, is just as invaluable. Stated by Forbes to be one of the most pervasive forms of communication, there were a total of 281 billion emails sent and received each day in 2018, and this number is expected to hit over 333 billion in 2022. While millions of emails are sent out daily, they are not a secure channel for sending sensitive information. Never intended to be a secure mechanism for sensitive data, it remains questionable why many assume that it is a secure way to send important documents, going as far to utilize it as the default option. 

Cybercrime threat landscape in the Philippines

With reference to an article by Indo-Pacific Defense Forum, in December 2021 the Philippines government and private sector began implementing a series of cybersecurity initiatives to tackle the surging cybercrime in the country. Besides the thousands of ransomware attacks and personal detail leaks that have occurred over the past few years, Business Email Compromise (BEC) is another rising issue in the country. A form of phishing attack, BEC is a sophisticated scam that targets businesses which perform wire transfer payments regularly. As such, it should not be assumed that emails are private and confidential. Given the increased sophistication of cyber-attacks, financial records, protected health information, student education records, business records and documentation, and more, should thus only be sent via reliable shipping modes. 

Sending important documents by courier 

Considering the risk of losing, compromising or damaging data stored in important documents when sending them through electronic methods, the safest way to do so is to send them through mail, more specifically same day couriers.

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Why is courier the safest & fastest way to send documents

According to the Postal Service Act, several federal laws protect mail, especially those authorized by the Government to be dispatched in the most economical, reliable and secure manner. This means that your documents are less likely to be breached than an email. But that is not all the features of same-day delivery services that guarantee a safe transition. When it comes to important documents, most couriers understand the time-sensitivity that revolves around getting them delivered to the rightful recipient. Add to that the fact that under the Postal Services Act 1998 states that it is illegal for another party to willfully open someone else’s mail when it is not addressed to them, is another layer of protection. 

The best way to mail important documents

Apart from understanding the benefits of choosing a courier to deliver your mail, it is also important to know how to send important documents by mail. When sending out important documents, make sure they are securely packaged so that your documents arrive defect-free. Be it a waterproof or an opaque envelope, choose those that come with a seal with an adhesive and are solid coloured so that they cannot be intercepted by anyone who sees them. Taking additional precautions such as opting for priority shipping or leveraging the services of a reliable and competent courier will also put your mind at ease. 

Document shipping by DHL Express

At DHL Express, we offer a wide range of express package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions that ensure your documents are delivered in the safest and fastest way. With our urgent, time-sensitive delivery services, you will have your documents delivered on the next possible day along with end-to-end tracking visibility, proactive delivery notifications, money-back guarantee, customs clearance facilitation and more. From restricting the delivery to a particular individual to necessitating a signature upon package arrival, DHL Express also offers optional services such as shipment insurance and direct signature. Pulling all the stops to mail your documents in the safest way and ensuring that you’ll never worry about how to mail important documents again, consider DHL Express as your shipping specialists for international shipping and courier delivery services. Experience the benefits of opening a DHL Express account by registering with us to get access to time-saving features all in one place.