Seamless shipping made simple: Experience the power of MyDHL+

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Efficient logistics and shipping management are paramount in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Ensuring smooth and seamless management of business shipments is key to ensuring you can continue to reach out to new markets and customers and diversify your business.

As a leading global shipping and logistics company, DHL Express believes that shipping should be a smooth and straightforward process so you can better devote time and resources to other core aspects of your business, like expansion and growth. This is where MyDHL+ steps in, providing DHL Express Pakistan customers with an all-in-one platform crafted to simplify the intricate world of international shipping and logistics management.

Read on to find out what MyDHL+ is, its benefits, and how it helps businesses achieve a seamless, efficient, and secure international shipping and delivery experience.

What is MyDHL+?

MyDHL+ is your gateway to simplified shipping and logistics management. It's a robust, user-friendly platform designed by DHL Express to streamline the complexities of shipping processes. This comprehensive tool offers a wide range of features, including instant pricing quotations, effortless label creation, convenient pickup scheduling, real-time tracking, and much more. This helps businesses optimise efficiency, enhance delivery reliability, and ensure secure shipments when performing international shipping tasks.

Benefits of using MyDHL+ for shipment management

1. Streamlined processes

The standout feature of MyDHL+ is its ability to streamline the shipping process from start to finish, from shipment creation to last-mile delivery. This makes it convenient for businesses of all sizes to pursue international shipping while also being able to agilely scale shipping requirements in line with business growth. Shipping-related processes and requirements that can be found on the MyDHL+ platform include:

  • Pricing and quotations: Instantly find and calculate pricing quotations, estimates, and rates, including estimates of duties and taxes, tailored to your specific shipping requirements.
  • Customs invoice preparation: Prepare customs invoice data using invoice samples and templates, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Label creation: Easily create shipping labels and invoices, saving you time while ensuring accuracy.
  • Pickup scheduling: Schedule package pickups and collections with ease.
  • Address book management: Set up address books for quick and convenient access to essential contacts and delivery details.
  • Billing and invoices: View and manage shipment bills effortlessly for clear and accurate financial records.
  • Customisation: Customise shipping preferences, dashboards, and address books to suit unique business needs.

2. Shipment tracking and reporting capabilities

MyDHL+ offers robust tracking and reporting capabilities for DHL Express customers, giving you complete visibility into your international shipments. This includes:

  • Shipment tracking: Monitor shipments in real time so you always know where your parcels are.
  • Shipping history: Access shipping history records for easier organisation and tracking.
  • Report generation: Gain valuable insights on shipping patterns and costs with personalised reports based on your shipping data.

This level of visibility empowers you to make informed decisions on how to optimise your logistics, so you can better craft a feasible and robust long-term business strategy.

3. Customised preferences and user profiles

With MyDHL+, you also have the flexibility to customise your shipping preferences and create user profiles. The platform is designed to be tailored to meet your specific business and logistics requirements, with options to grant access to team members as needed. This ensures MyDHL+ will remain aligned with your business operations while providing the premium logistics management capabilities you need.

4. Paperless and environment-friendly transactions

In addition to simplifying your shipping processes, MyDHL+ helps your business contribute to a more sustainable future. By reducing paper usage and streamlining operations through digitisation, you'll not only save time and resources but also lessen your environmental impact. Businesses can also opt for eco-friendly packaging solutions like DHL GoGreen Plus via MyDHL+, which reduces up to 30% of a shipment’s carbon emissions through carbon emission insets.

Make business operations easier with MyDHL+ and DHL Express

Efficiency, reliability, and security are at the core of the MyDHL+ platform. By simplifying the international shipping process and enhancing transparency in parcel tracking, businesses can save time and reduce the risk of errors. This, in turn, leads to enhanced customer experiences, which can increase the rate of customer retention for long-term revenue growth. 

Are you ready to simplify your shipment process, expand your business operations, and experience the power of MyDHL+? Open a business account today and take the first step towards easy and seamless shipping and delivery with DHL Express Pakistan.