B2B Business: 3 Tips to Transform your Reverse Logistics Processes

4 min read
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Every firm faces issues in the reverse supply chain. But those challenges grow significantly more complex when your company works in the B2B space. It is primarily because businesses must find a way to strike a balance between building great client relationships and providing the finest possible service. Hence, addressing the constraints of B2B reverse logistics is crucial, as there is a lot that B2B businesses can gain through efficient reverse logistics.

One way to do that is to focus on visibility in the reverse logistics process. Let us take a step back to understand the importance of visibility in the B2B reverse logistics process.

Importance of visibility in the B2B reverse logistics process

If you want to create and maintain good, trusted relationships with your clients, you need to provide visibility to them in the reverse business cycle. Returning things (for whatever reason) can put a strain on these connections. If your clients don't have constant access to information about the status and updates of their return, it may aggravate the situation. This is why setting up an efficient reverse logistics process is critical for business owners.

Why is reverse logistics a crucial part of the supply chain?

  • Customer experience and retention are improved by having a simple and speedy returns process.
  • Repurposing items is pivotal to reducing waste and improving a business’ reputation.
  • With increased automated sales processes between businesses taking place online with a higher return rate, an effective returns system can reduce your company’s costs.
  • A well-organised reverse logistics process can provide you with useful data that will help to further streamline your operations.

What should B2B businesses do to improve their reverse logistics process?

1. Inventory management software should be integrated

You can link your shipment system with the inventory management software to increase the operation of your reverse logistics. Every part of your warehouse, including location, incoming and outgoing goods, expenses and shelf life can be tracked with an effective inventory management system. In addition, incorporating scanning codes that provide information about products, such as their serial numbers, product descriptions and product history, allows you to see client returns in real-time and immediately process them.

2. Reverse logistics process should be refined

You can have comprehensive control over your warehouse by utilising smart software. This will offer you valuable information to help improve your returns procedure. For example, you can use this information to examine the reasons for product returns, address the issues that are causing them and optimise your purchase decisions.

It will also help in streamlining your reverse logistics strategy, thus making it easy for both your company and your clients. Furthermore, you'll be able to examine waste return rates, product pricing vs. popularity, inventory turnover, and much more.

3. Team up with a reliable international logistics service provider

B2B businesses must look for logistics providers who can offer both technology and credibility to manage orders and inventory. One such express service provider is DHL Express which functions across 220 countries and territories around the globe.

To keep up with the growing market competitiveness, both your last-mile delivery and reverse logistics procedures must be synchronised. DHL will assist you in creating the return label for your clients, which can then be printed and included in the shipment. That way, if the recipient wishes to return their shipment to you, all they have to do is to contact DHL customer service representatives to organise a pickup. The best part is creating a return label is a flexible and free-of-charge service that is solely offered to DHL’s account customers.

DHL Express considers all factors that contribute to your company's success. So, whether you're an e-commerce or a B2B business owner, the team of certified specialists at DHL can help you tighten your reverse logistics process so you can focus on what makes your business exceptional. Open a business account with us today!