How Can Weekend Parcel Delivery Benefit Businesses

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Staying on top of e-commerce trends as well as the needs of consumers is vital for businesses to stay competitive. One of the ways companies can offer that edge is providing weekend courier services. When customers can choose to receive their parcels over the weekends like Saturdays, they are better able to work around their work and personal schedules, and receive their parcels in time. Otherwise, consumers would not hesitate to switch to another brand that offers faster shipping.

Benefits of offering weekend delivery

There are several benefits for businesses that offer parcel delivery on weekends. These benefits include:

You can attract more customers

Not many courier service providers offer weekend delivery services. If your business provides weekend deliveries, it will definitely attract more customers, especially for those who expect their orders to be delivered fast. 

You can target customers looking for this specific requirement

Build your customer base by targeting customers who are looking for this specific requirement. Some of them might be running a tight deadline, requiring an urgent delivery over the weekend, or someone might be in immediate need of a particular medication. When you are able to fulfil such requests, your company’s brand naturally gains the trust of the customer and this will increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. 

You can build brand Reliability

When you fulfil a customer’s need by completing a weekend delivery, your brand will be perceived as one that is reliable, and is always there for the customer by putting their needs first. This will help your business gain a competitive edge in the market, which will result in an increase in sales and revenue.

You can ensure improved efficiency

Although weekend deliveries may sound like extra work, they help improve the overall efficiency of your shipping. The shipping that you used to do on weekdays can now be spread across the whole week. This will help couriers to better manage the amount of parcels since they don’t have to deliver quantities that are larger than usual on Fridays - some of these can be carried forward to Saturdays.

You can retain more customers

Brand loyalty is largely attributed to customer satisfaction, and when customers have a positive delivery experience from your brand, whereby their products were delivered fast and in perfect condition, they will return to you for their future needs. Satisfied customers will also turn into brand evangelists, as they will share their experience with their friends, family, colleagues, and other people in their network.

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Challenges in committing to weekend deliveries

Although offering weekend deliveries has its advantages, there are certain challenges that businesses face which make them reluctant to offer it as part of their suite of services. These include issues such as having to plan for additional manpower and logistics to cope with the additional workload, keeping customers updated as well as fulfilling their orders on or ahead of time, as well as having to provide real time transparency and visibility on the courier delivery operations. This is where DHL Express comes in as the perfect solutions provider in Singapore and around the world. As the world’s leading international express courier service provider, DHL Express with its can-do spirit and commitment to excellence will help businesses ride the strong momentum in e-commerce and this includes the ability to help them provide weekend deliveries regardless of volume.

How DHL Express can help with your weekend deliveries in Singapore and beyond

DHL Express offers Saturday delivery to more than 70 countries. By partnering with us, you can enjoy the benefits of our commitment in providing quality delivery of parcels that will help grow your business through the increase in customer satisfaction, boost in sales figures, and the gaining of a bigger market share. Apply for a business account with DHL Express today to explore the benefits of our weekend delivery service.