How Can Companies Ride the Cross Border Ecommerce Wave With DHL
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The advent of the global pandemic has brought about massive changes to the way people work and live. In the realm of retail therapy, new platforms and marketplaces are cropping up every week - the digital landscape has truly evolved into one giant enterprising silo.

With this comes a need to adapt to new and digitalised solutions. In Singapore, consumers are also equally looking online to serve a range of diverse needs. The numbers are indisputable - in September 2021, 15% of all revenue by supermarkets and hypermarkets were garnered online. This is a stark increase from 7.5% in March 2020. Along with various government initiatives to combat the adverse effects of the coronavirus such as travel restrictions and work-from-home policies, there is no better time for businesses to expand into global markets.

With an increasing demand for online and international shopping, more brands are hopping onto the bandwagon and seeking out global ecommerce solutions to tap on the digital boom. As a result, the industry is more competitive than ever. 

To gain an advantage over your competitors, it can be useful to incorporate a comprehensive shipping solutions provider like DHL Express into your business expansion strategy. Here’s how.

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1. Comprehensive support

As a huge supporter of ecommerce, DHL Express has developed resources and tools to help businesses take on the load of handling paperwork and other traditionally-manual tasks. MyDHL+ is a one-stop shipment management solution that allows business users to organise global shipments from end-to-end through an easy-to-use online platform.

The platform customises to any requirement and complements any type of business process and distribution plan. It allows users to:

  • Get rates and quotes

  • Create shipping labels and invoices

  • Arrange pickups

  • Create address books for easy access

  • Track shipments

  • View records of shipment history

  • Customise shipping preferences

2. Global supply chain management

Since 2010, DHL Express has established Logistics Control Towers in key geographies around the globe. With an extensive network of logistics solutions, these Control Towers are a big part of a sophisticated cross border process to ensure the timely and efficient passage of goods with real-time visibility within the supply chain.

Apart from operating a robust infrastructure, we also offer strategic guidance on optimising supply chain design and performance. Ecommerce businesses can tap on the deep knowledge and expertise of our logistics specialists to implement strong network design, achieve lean transformation and develop greener supply chains.

3. Scalable ecommerce transformation

Prior to the pandemic, the online retail industry was largely monopolised by giant tech firms like Amazon and Alibaba. Today, the ecommerce environment is more crowded than ever, with smaller businesses joining the foray and people looking for diverse online shopping experiences. By 2023, analysts predict that online retail will account for almost a quarter of all sales worldwide. 

Before rushing into the international market, it is better to develop a growth plan that can be scaled up. Brick-and-mortar businesses can enhance the retail experience for their customers by enabling online purchases, and implementing an efficient distribution system that offers same-day delivery services. 

Enhance your ecommerce business with DHL

Managing the product flow in the vertical supply chain can be challenging, especially for smaller online businesses with little resources. For example, a company selling handmade goods may need to procure raw materials from a supplier, and ensure that the finished products reach international customers without problems. Goods may also be returned when damaged or defective. In between all these supply stages, logistics make up a big part of the business service.

DHL Express is a trusted international logistics service provider and has supported many ecommerce businesses with delivery fulfillment and return logistics. Undoubtedly, our integrated solutions will add value to any local or cross border ecommerce activities.

Get started with DHL express to expand your business internationally. Contact us to speak to our friendly agents and find out how our ecommerce international shipping solutions can help you scale your business to greater heights.