DHL Webinars and Events

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Unlock the global trade insights you need to stay ahead

Access a wealth of information and insights from our small business focused trade webinars, providing expert advice, industry trends, and best practices to navigate the ever-evolving global trade landscape. 


Navigating Cross-Border Trade in the Global Marketplace

Subject Matter Experts Featured:

  • Matthew Lavoie | Director Government Affairs, DHL Express
  • Carlos Enriquez Montes | Sr. Director for regulatory Affairs, DHL Express
  • John Pickel | Sr. Director International Supply Chain Policy, National Foreign Trade Council

Host Date: Apr 23, 2024

This exclusive session features a distinguished panel of experts who will share invaluable insights and insider tips on mastering the dynamic landscape of international trade. Explore future-proofing your transactions, navigating global trade agreements, strategies for customs success, and maximizing efficiency through technology. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and elevate your business performance to unprecedented levels.


Unlocking Growth Opportunities for Black-Owned Businesses

Subject Matter Experts Featured:

  • Nemer Abohasen | VP General Manager Southeast, DHL Express
  • Gabriela Zelaya | Acting Global Diversity Export Initiative Director International Trade Administration
  • Ricardo Berris | Chief Executive Office, MI Group

Host Date: Feb 22, 2024

Don't miss the chance to connect with our highly knowledgeable speakers and gain insights into the resources available to boost your business growth. Gabriela Zelaya, from the Department of Commerce, brings years of experience in supporting black-owned businesses on their growth journey. Ricardo Berris, who embarked on his entrepreneurial journey over 17 years ago, will share his extensive experience and insights into business operations across more than 5 countries.


Sustainable and Ethical Trade

Subject Matter Experts Featured:

  • Roger Libby | Corporate Public Affairs - DHL Express
  • Bruce Marsh | Director Corporate Public Affairs
  • Carlos Enriquez | Sr. Director for Regulatory Affairs

Host Date: Oct 4, 2023

This presentation and panel discussion will explore the shifting trade landscape affecting the treatment and simplifications of international movements.  The discussion will share insights about new restrictions and customs rules designed to address sustainable and ethical priorities, such as forced labor, carbon emissions, environmental goods, drugs, and other illicit goods, as well as cracking down on IPR violations.  These trends in customs and trade policy will be significant for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized entities that often do not have internal customs brokers, instead relying on trade facilitation measures and strategic partners to access global markets


DHL and Formula E Driving  the Future Together

Subject Matter Experts Featured:

  • Mike Parra | CEO, DHL Express Americas (currently Europe)
  • Julia Palle | Head of Sustainability Formula E
  • Manuela Gianni | Head of Motorsports - Italy DHL

Host Date: May 22, 2023

Enjoy this insightful webinar on Sustainable Logistics, presented by DHL and Formula E. We are excited to bring together three leaders in their respective industries to share their insights and expertise on the important topic of sustainability in logistics. In this webinar, you'll learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in sustainable logistics, and how DHL and Formula E work together to drive positive change. Whether you're a logistics professional, an environmental advocate, or simply interested in learning more about sustainability, this webinar is for you. So register now and join us for an engaging and informative session with DHL and Formula E.


Export Finance Strategies for Global Success

Subject Matter Experts Featured:

  • Nemer Abohasen | GM South East - DHL Express
  • Chris Simpson | International Trade Specialist - USCS
  • Mark Klein | Managing Director - EXIM Bank
  • Edward Schick | Export Finance Manager - SBA
  • George Duchaine | Sr. Export Compliance Manager - DHL Express

Host Date: May 3, 2023

Presented  in collaboration with the Small Business Administration (SBA), U.S. Commercial Service (USCS), and the Export-Import Bank (EXIM), this informative session focuses on effective export finance strategies. Participants will learn about leveraging export credit insurance and loan guarantees as well as essential aspects of international trade documentation and logistics. Additionally, the session will guide attendees in identifying optimal export financing solutions when venturing into new markets.


Export 101, How to prepare for success

Subject Matter Experts Featured:

  • George Duchaine | Sr. Export Compliance Manager - DHL Express
  • Sara Moreno | U.S. Commercial Service

Host Date: March 22, 2023

In a rapidly evolving global trade environment, with direct repercussions for businesses of all scales in the U.S., your success in exporting hinges on precise insights and tailored counsel. To empower your journey, we offer targeted information and expert guidance, enabling you to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Presented by industry authorities from the U.S. government, DHL, and other leading organizations, this session delivers precisely that, commencing with fundamental essentials.