Why you can study abroad stress-free with DHL Express by your side

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Studying abroad is a dream for many Vietnamese students, and it's an aspiration that's becoming a reality for an increasing number of them. This has largely been driven by a desire for quality education, diverse cultural experiences, and global perspectives, particularly leading to a surge in the number of Vietnamese students studying in overseas universities. 

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics Global Flow of Tertiary-Level Students, there are an estimated 137,022 Vietnamese students pursuing higher education or tertiary degrees abroad in 2023. These numbers also have the potential to increase in the coming years as countries worldwide continue to relax COVID-19-related restrictions and welcome international students back into the fold. 

UNESCO also cites Japan, South Korea, the United States (US), Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (UK) as some of the top destinations for these students. Their popularity stems from a variety of reasons, including the presence of internationally renowned educational institutions, the multicultural makeup of popular study cities, and opportunities for country-specific leisure activities and events. 

However, competition to secure placements in these countries’ universities is fierce, with multi-layered university application processes that require months of preparation. This is where efficient international delivery and logistics come into play, easing the studying abroad experience even before it formally begins. 

Why fast and efficient international delivery matters when studying abroad  

The journey of studying abroad begins long before students finally get to set foot on foreign soil.  

It starts with the preparation and submission of university applications and other important documentation, which could determine their acceptance into the programme or course of their dreams. For many students, this means sending crucial documents from Vietnam to universities around the world. Some programmes may even have multiple steps in their application process, necessitating sending multiple rounds of documents back and forth. 

The catch? These documents are often time-sensitive and highly confidential. These can include copies of passports or other identification credentials, recommendation letters, academic transcripts, or proof of financial capability such as bank account statements. Missing application deadlines or losing important papers can not only jeopardise a student's chances of admission but also be a serious breach of privacy.  

Additionally, the tight turnaround times for application deadlines mean that even a single day’s delay can influence students’ chances of enrolment – increasing the stakes for them further. 

Furthermore, the need for international logistics doesn’t stop once a student is accepted into their programme of choice. Students may need to ship assignment documents to and from Vietnam in order to complete coursework remotely, or to apply for mid-term financial aid and other institutional programmes. 

As a result, it’s clear that fast and efficient international document courier services are not just a convenience for aspiring international students; they’re a necessity. From matriculation to graduation, having a reliable global logistics and delivery partner you can count on is key to ensuring a seamless experience studying abroad. 

How DHL Express Vietnam's Student Express Service can help 

DHL Express Vietnam’s Student Express Service assures students of speedy and reliable international shipping and delivery when sending documents to their new schools. This includes time-sensitive university application forms, making it one of the best and fastest ways to send critical documents internationally

Please note that the Student Express Service applies only to document shipments of up to 1kg and when the recipient is an overseas university or college (not in Vietnam). 

Other benefits of engaging our Student Express Service include: 

1. Speedy international and cross-border delivery timing 

DHL Express Vietnam is renowned for our rapid international shipping and delivery services, including our Student Express Service, which extends to a global destination network of over 220 countries and territories. With transit times as short as one business day within Asia and two to three business days to the US and Europe, DHL Express Vietnam ensures that important documents and parcels reach their destinations quickly, no matter the circumstances. Here’s an overview of our delivery services for time-sensitive documents: 

Express 10:30 is only applicable to shipments destined for the US.

This swift transit time is particularly crucial during the university application process, where students need to juggle multiple deadlines before, during, and after acceptance into their desired course of study. 

2. Enhanced safety and shipping protections 

DHL Express Vietnam takes the safety of our customers’ shipments seriously. Unlike traditional postal services, which may involve multiple intermediaries, we exclusively employ DHL Express personnel and facilities within our global shipping network to minimise the number of times a shipment changes hands.  

Additionally, we offer complimentary packaging materials for Student Express Service customers to smoothen the delivery process and ensure your shipment’s safe delivery. These measures significantly reduce the risk of loss or damage during transit, giving customers and their families peace of mind. 

3. Greater transparency and real-time tracking and support 

Maintaining high standards of transparency and visibility in shipping is paramount at DHL Express Vietnam – even more so for international students who are embarking on their journeys to new destinations abroad. For many students, this might even be their first time living independently away from home, and we understand that peace of mind is key to helping you maintain an enriching international study experience.  

To ease the delivery process, Student Express Service customers can conveniently track their shipments online via the MyDHL+ website or DHL Express Mobile App for on-the-go tracking. Proactive delivery notifications also enhance the experience, putting your mind at ease. Plus, with 24/7 customer support, assistance is just a phone call or message away – even from a different country. 

Enhancing your Student Express Service experience  

To further optimise their Student Express Service experience, students have access to optional shipping and delivery services, including: 

  • Shipment insurance: A comprehensive protection for valuable or personal items, giving the shipper peace of mind in the unlikely event of damage or loss. 
  • Extended liability: Dedicated liability coverage for documents such as university application forms, visa applications or passports, which entitles the shipper to fixed compensation in the unlikely event of full or partial loss of shipment. 

Our Student Express Service is also available at any DHL Express Vietnam Service Point across the country, making it accessible to students from a range of locations and backgrounds.  

Plus, DHL Express Vietnam now offers special and attractive pricing offers as part of our support for students in their overseas studying journey. Students can enjoy savings when sending documents overseas, all while benefiting from the reliability, customs expertise, and enhanced logistics management that DHL Express Vietnam provides. 

Ready to study abroad with confidence? Register with us and experience the stress-free way of shipping documents internationally. 

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